The World Didn’t End – So What Now?


By Jennifer Speer

Personal training at BAC.

Personal training at BAC.

Greg Bedrossian, owner of Burbank Athletic Club’s two locations, wants you to know that now that we’ve survived the apocalypse, it’s time to get your health in gear. All kidding aside, it’s safe to say that most of us, even those that knew there would be no “end of the world” on the 21st, gave at least a second’s pause as to what we would’ve done different if the world had ended.

How many of you would’ve liked to be more fit or taken better care of yourself? It’s a funny thought, but there’s an interesting underlying question: Why wait until problems arise to focus on fitness? Why not start now?

“Your fitness is essential to your truest success and highest potential. Don’t ignore it – you’ll regret it,” Bedrossian says.

For Bedrossian, there’s a distinction between fitness and bodybuilding, between wellbeing and counting calories. Fitness is body, mind, and spirit. It’s a complete, and yet simple, approach to making time to take care of yourself the way you would your children or pets. They need to be active to be truly healthy. And so do you.

New Expansion at BAC. Pictured: Owner Greg Bedrossian.

New Expansion at BAC. Pictured: Owner Greg Bedrossian.

Bedrossian keeps pricing affordable not as some advertising gimmick; rather, it’s so the cost can never be your excuse for not exercising. He encourages you to shop the competition; to be aware of the health options all around you; and if, in that process, you find a better deal, he will beat it – guaranteed. At BAC, whatever rate you come in paying stays that way. No tricks, no hidden fine print.

Speaking of which, the absolute steal of a deal in 2012 is ending. It will be honored through the end of the year, and at $99/year — which works out to only $8.25/month — it is worth it. The new price for 2013, at $149/year, is still less than $12.50/month for complete access to both locations, all classes, and any machine or weight training equipment you need, as well as access to considerate, experienced trainers whose goal is to improve your life by helping you embrace the benefits of exercise.

Start now, today, and you’ve already done more than you did yesterday. Come by and visit Burbank Athletic Club or get in touch with Bedrossian; as a trainer himself for 17 years, he is truly motivated about fitness and will make you want to get your body back in gear, just in case … you know … there’s another apocalypse.

Find out more about Burbank Athletic Club on their website, BAC locations include the Media Center located at 226 E. Palm Ave. or near Bob Hope Airport at 2010 N. Hollywood Way. They can be contacted at (818) 954-0021 or (818) 563-4203.

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