Universal Patio Furniture Celebrates Their 75th Anniversary in Style


By Xavier Carrica

Gary Rediger with some nostalgic offerings of patio furniture for their 75th Anniversary.

Gary Rediger with some nostalgic offerings of patio furniture for their 75th Anniversary.

Gary Rediger plus his sister and brother-in-law Janet and Ken Zittrer continue a tradition started 75 years ago by their father who was only 19 when he opened Universal Patio Furniture. By serving the needs of their customers who like to enjoy outdoor living in luxury and comfort, and by adhering to sound business principles, the Rediger family business has stood the test of time through weathering ever-changing styles and tough economic cycles.

A longtime sales and management staff who deliver the most impeccable customer service are putting the finishing touches on their 7,000 sq ft showroom that will showcase the finest in outdoor living furniture in time to celebrate their 75th anniversary sale. From film stars and pop stars to ordinary, everyday folks, from the Valley to the Westside and from coast to coast, Universal Patio Furniture takes pleasure in ensuring their clients are extremely happy and comfortable lounging by their pools and gardens and under their cabanas and patio overhangs.

Original store in 1939 at the corner of Lankershim & Ventura Boulevard.

Original store in 1939 at the corner of Lankershim & Ventura Boulevard.

“We’re well established and everyone knows who we are,” beams an assured Gary Rediger, who can’t wait to open the showroom doors every day of the week and share the latest styles in outdoor living. “Kids remember the umbrellas out front when driving by with their parents. When they grow up they become our customers as well.” With a long tradition of customer loyalty, Universal Patio Furniture is the epitome of “doing something right.” Gary continues, “Our competitors shrunk by 60% in 2009 and many went out of business. We survived the latest economic downturn by being flexible, adjusting to the times, and reacting quickly. We changed our buying habits in order not to go into debt.” Sounds like great advice for businesses and consumers alike.

Fulfilling special orders in a timely manner, with affordable pricing to fit any budget, and treating customers like family, altogether helps Universal Patio Furniture continue to grow the old-fashioned way – through word of mouth. And never resting on their laurels, they opened their own fabric-manufacturing warehouse in North Hollywood one year ago in order to create their own custom cushions and umbrellas. Modern design. Better quality. Durable fabrics. Comfortable style. Directly to the consumer.

They are currently reproducing retro chairs and ottomans that were popular in the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s. Because what goes away always comes back, and the new generation of Universal Patio Furniture customers have not seen these styles and are now discovering them for the first time. The pieces compliment the other very popular products like Brown Jordan, Lloyd Flanders, and Tropitone. Look closely at the sitcoms you watch on television. Most of the outdoor furniture is supplied by Universal Patio Furniture!

Universal Patio Furniture is located at 11055 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. Open daily 9a-6p and Sunday 11a-5p. For more information call us at (818) 762-9088 or visit our Website: Unifurn.com.


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