Visit Hollywood Piano for their President’s Day American Piano sale through Feb. 26


By Clint Lohr

Hollywood Piano, in business since 1928, is holding a President’s Day American Piano sale through February 26th at their 323 S Front St. location in Burbank.

During this time, buyers will be able to find Steinways, Mason & Hamlins and Baldwin brand names for up to 65 percent off.

The inventory includes consoles, uprights, grand and baby grand pianos, players, as well as digital pianos. Buyers will also receive free delivery within 150 miles, a free bench, free tuning and the store will also pay the sales tax!

Hollywood Piano CEO, Glenn Treibitz, discusses in his company’s blog why the American piano tone is considered superior. It’s the wood of which the piano built: “85 percent of a piano is made of wood,” he explains. “And that is why it is critically important to the tone.”

And the hardness of the wood also contributes to the tone. So for over 150 years, the piano companies Baldwin, Steinway & Sons and Mason & Hamlin have used North American Hard Rock Maple in building the instruments. This maple is found across the Northeastern U.S. as well as the southeastern region of Canada.

Treibitz goes on to explain what happens when a piano is played: When a key is pressed, a felt hammer hits a copper wound or steel spring. The strings rest on a bridge, typically made of the Hard Rock Maple. The bridge is attached to the speaker of the piano, the soundboard, and he says the best soundboards are made of spruce wood. “When the string vibrates against the bridge, the connected soundboard amplifies that vibration producing the tone. The vibrational sound energy is transmitted across the sounding board ultimately running into the rim/ frame.” Treibitz continues: “A frame made of Hard Rock Maple throws most of that vibrational energy back onto the sounding board, which creates longer-lasting, sustaining tones.”

The Roland digital piano is not made by an American company but they do use an American piano sound for their modeling technology. Right now all Roland pianos are available with one year interest-free financing.

In the years since Hollywood Piano opened, it has supplied countless television shows and movies with the instruments. This includes the current Academy Award nominee La La Land where the onscreen pianos, as well as the recorded pianos, came from the company. TV’s All in the Family opening theme song, on which Archie and Edith played and sang “Those Were The Days” featured a Hollywood Piano.

As Treibitz says: “Our mission is to match each and every client with the right piano for their needs, provide the highest level of customer service and to turn our clients into friends and advocates. Today there are many easily manipulatable, for-profit online business ratings like YELP. I’m proud we are the only piano company in Los Angeles County with an A+ rating from the not-for-profit Better Business Bureau.”

Hollywood Piano also provides rentals and customers may take lessons as well.

The President’s Day sale will also be taking place at Hollywood Piano’s Pasadena location at 2084 E Foothill Blvd. For further information call 1-800-697-4266 or visit

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