Welcome Aboard the Supershmuttle!


Judy with the Shmuttle Pack.

Don’t feel guilty because you have to leave your best friend at home all day while you work. Now you can send him or her on a Van-tastic fun-filled daily adventure to the park with our highly trained Shmuttle Crew and pack of Shmuttle Pals!

Supershmuttle is a doggie day care and dog walking service operating in Los Angeles that serves the needs of dog owners by acting as both caretaker and personal assistant to your pet.

Supershmuttle is a California Corporation that is licensed, bonded, and insured, and is a member of PSI (Petsitter’s International).

In 2008, Supershmuttle was chosen “Best of” by L.A. Weekly.

Judy at the park.

Supershmuttle was founded by Judy Rudin, who has spent the past 21 years providing unparalleled pet care to her clients in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Burbank, Toluca Lake, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks. One of the first “dogwalkers” in L.A. before there was any kind of job description, Judy founded “Jerseydog Pet Services” in 1990 (named after her lab, Jersey), and soon became a trusted friend to dogs and owners alike. Because of her skill, compassion, care, and complete devotion to dogs, as well as her philosophy of working with the pack (pre-Cesar Millan), Judy was constantly overrun with more client requests than she could handle. But now with the addition of her top-notch Shmuttle Team, Judy can expand her client list while still offering one-on-one, first-rate care!


“Judy Rudin has been caring for our dogs for 20 years.
There is no one better.  There is no one even close.” 
-Bill Pope, Sharon Oreck & Michelle

“Judy is our canine expert, amateur vet and dog whisperer.”
-Mitch Klebanoff, Donna Pall & Cydney & Henry

“We adore her!”
-Debbie Levin, Mark Fogel & Izzy

“Having lovely Judy in Cowboy’s life is like a gift from heaven!“
-Michelle Salvatore & Cowboy

“Finding Judy was a godsend.”
-Sara Lager and Sheppard

 “Judy is phenomenal!  I can’t imagine his life—and
our lives—without her!”
-Pippa Bond, Stan Savage & Henry
“I wouldn’t trust Beulah to anyone else other than
Judy and SuperShmuttle.”
-Walton Goggins & Beulah

“Judy’s dedication, devotion and diligent care make her
the perfect sitter for your pooch.” 
-Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt & Cora

“SuperShmuttle is the pet care company we recommend.
We think so highly of them, we hired them to handle
all of our clients.”
-Weston Richter DVM, Sherman Oaks Veterinary Group

“Judy is completely tuned into the animals, highly responsible, and always has their best interests at heart.”
-Dr. Julie White – Animal Emergency Centre, Studio City

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