When You’re Away, Let the Cats (and Dogs and Fish, Etc.) Play – with Tender Touch Pet Sitters


By Greg Smith, Staff Writer

Making the most of senior paws moments.

It’s time to go on vacation! But wait, though you’d love to take your beloved pet along with you to Bora Bora, there’s simply no way. Before you devise a plan to harbor your precious as a stowaway, here’s an option: Tender Touch Pet Sitters! This isn’t the neighborhood girl in braces who’s more invested in what’s on TV than your animal; it’s the premier personalized pet care company in Los Angeles. Meet Adele Sylvester, pet sitter extraordinaire — the lady who can talk to animals of all shapes, sizes, ages, and species.

Tender Touch Pet Sitters is owned and operated by Adele, who specializes in pets furred, feathered, and finned, and (this is a biggie) animals with special needs. Adele and Co. are committed to your animal’s individual care.

Adele’s career got a jump-start at an early age spending summers working on her grandparent’s farm in New Hampshire. Even then, her gift for nurturing animals seemed almost preternatural. Her journey continued as a veterinary assistant and pet care professional for over 20 years, culminating in this personally fulfilling endeavor. On her own time, she volunteers for animal rescue groups as well.

Adele with her rescues, Crow and Jericho, from Westside German Shepherd Rescue.

“All pets bring a different sensibility to the table, which is exciting and challenging for us,” enthusiastic Adele says. “My own experience as a lover and owner of large breed dogs (pictured) has informed me tenfold on my clients’ loved ones. As a vet’s assistant I worked with small breeds as well, miniatures and felines, with a focus on the needs of aging and older pets.” So if your pet is in the autumn of its years, have a worry-free time away while Tender Touch tends to your vintage animal. An optimal alternative to boarding, Tender Touch makes visits to your animal with in-house pet care.

“Pets are less stressed out in their own home; the animal’s routine gets disrupted with the upheaval of staying somewhere else – especially if they have health problems,” Adele says.

Time with a Tender Touch specialist offers a one-on-one, gentle, stimulating, and personalized experience, including: specialized daily exercise, companionship, vacation care, vet and groomer visits, consulting on nutrition, and managing post-op or other medical treatments when necessary.

“At the end of the day, it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction to have made an animal content and comfortable, which always makes the owner happy. That’s what it’s all about. Animals have the tendency – in the absence of their owners – to act out and destroy things, or to give their owners the cold shoulder for a day or two once they’ve returned,” Adele states. “That doesn’t happen with us. The biggest compliment we can receive is for the pet to act like the owner never left.”

Contact Adele today for a free in-home consultation at tendertouchpetsitters@gmail.com.

“Pets enrich our lives, warm our hearts, and bring happiness as we age. We return the favor.”

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