Who Is Emanuel Emanuele?


By Patty Schaller

Artist? Author? Performer? Hero? Survivor? He’s all these and more.

Emanuel Emanuele: High on awareness and elated in his col-lection of Golden Era Hollywood memorabilia.

Emanuel Emanuele: High on awareness and elated in his col-lection of Golden Era Hollywood memorabilia.

Ask Emanuel and he’ll tell you he’s “the boy inside the man,” flashing you bright blue eyes and a smile. “Marilyn said that about herself — that she was the girl inside the woman,” he says, “and that’s the way I feel about myself. I’m the boy inside the man.”

Emanuel’s connection to Marilyn Monroe runs deep and began when he sat in a darkened movie theater as a boy. “She was the first movie star I was introduced to. I had never seen a woman who looked like her.”

Marilyn became his most beloved icon in a world of larger-than-life movie stars. “Everything I know I learned at the movies,” he admits. His childhood was a difficult one, including repeated molestations. Through it all, Emanuel’s escape was into the movies. “All I had as a child were movies to be safe in.” He still maintains an extensive collection of movie posters and photos and memorabilia. But it was always Marilyn who inspired him.

This inspiration led him to create a book of line drawings, coloring book style, of scenes from Marilyn’s life, done in his own technique of renderings that he describes as “Warhol-esque.” Color Me Marilyn, a true labor of love, can be purchased on Amazon. More such books will star other icons of the silver screen.

Movie buff in the buff.

Movie buff in the buff.

He calls himself “small of frame with a big heart”; Emanuel wears his hair a silvery platinum color and isn’t afraid to be outrageous. “Art takes in so many things,” he says. “Even to the way I dress – bling and glasses to match! I’ve been called a walking work of art.”

Does he think of himself as the male Marilyn? “Well, we have a lot of qualities in common: vulnerable yet extroverted, provocative, emotional. We both have star quality. I can do it all: sing, dance, act, draw, public speaking, write. I’m very competitive with myself.”

Lighthearted with a love of entertaining, Emanuel also speaks of a huge commitment to life that “works for me.” A long-time student of “The Course in Miracles,” he says he is into solutions and not problems and relies on his spiritual work. Combining both sides of him, he performed as Marilyn for Marianne Williamson at the Saban Theatre recently. He says he has been a strong supporter of Williamson in her own spiritual work since the early eighties.

Emanuel’s lifelong mission of helping others was truly tested in 1991 when he rescued someone who was being stabbed to death. Emanuel is a strong member of Al-ANON support groups and is big on service there. He also cares for the elderly in a nursing home whenever he can. He says, “They feel they are getting closer to the light. They tend to get fearful and can use compassion.”

What else does he want people to know about him? “I’m single,” he grins, “and on a serious spiritual path.”

On Saturday, Aug. 4, 12—5 p.m., Emanuel Emanuele will sign copies of Color Me Marilyn at Koontz Hardware and Gift inWest Hollywood located at 8914 Santa Monica Blvd. Come find out who the real Emanuel is!

Until then, you can Google, YouTube, and Facebook Emanuel Emanuele. You can also email him at emanuel.emanuele@yahoo.com.

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