“Blue Like the Morning”


By Bea Wolff

Justin Trask as David and Elizabeth Kouri as Sarah in “Blue Like the Morning.”

“Blue Like the Morning” posses the question: “If you know you are living the wrong life, do you leave it?” It offers an answer in the form of a myth, telling the story of Sarah, a woman trapped in a life she can’t abide, who finds self-realization through helping others less fortunate than herself.
Although lacking a back story that explains Sarah’s distress as well as some other storytelling nuances, this is an earnest, well-intentioned film meant to promote kindness. It is more metaphorical than realistic—even homelessness is presented in part as fantasy, that is, a spiritual journey wherein people choose to live on the streets in order to find a deeper meaning to life.
Sarah is played with intensity by Elizabeth Kouri, who displays a range of emotions from clinically depressed to angry to serene. Sarah’s long-suffering husband, David, is played with anguish by Justin Trask. Sarah’s muse is homeless woman, Zahara, portrayed touchingly by Maria Olson, and Sarah’s gritty guide on the streets is convincingly depicted by Bruce Burns. The primary cast is rounded out with solid performances by Bobby Brehmer, Lonnie Finley, and Rocki DuCharme.
Written and directed with heart by NYC Vision Fest award-winning production designer, Melanie Paizis Jones, “Blue Like the Morning” was produced by its cinematographer, Michael Glover. It features music by Paul Black, Jo Almeida, GL Jones, and Gabrielle Kouri and Stereo. With a dedicated cast and crew, “Blue Like the Morning” won the Award of Merit from the 2010 Indie Film Fest.

“Blue Like the Morning” is unavailable for viewing at this time, so keep an eye out for future listings. General inquiries about the film can be made at mel@bluelikethemorning.net. The trailer can be viewed on www.imdb.com/title/tt1500136.

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