“Snowbound” Captures Relationship Struggles


Pam (Pamela Laurie) does the best she can to make dinner from an empty pantry. David (John Brickner) and Mark (Eric Feliciano) clearly are not excited.

The Red Brick Road Theatre Company’s production of Snowbound emphasizes how relationships can blossom and yet simultaneously deteriorate. Our story is placed in Indiana, where Pam (Pamela Laurie) and David (John Brickner) reside. Baby makes three and David is a much better father than he believes. Pam yearns for more as she feels trapped in motherhood. She is vibrant and intelligent, qualities that David has overlooked for too long. Enter Mark, visiting from Los Angeles, who expects some nurturing after a humiliating breakup.

Though they share the same interests and values, they could not be further apart. Mark is self-absorbed and has no inkling of married life. Pam and David have let the routines of life rob them of any spontaneity. What was planned to be a festive holiday weekend becomes a torrent of emotions and revelations. An unintentional kiss carries dramatic consequences for all involved. Forcing the issue is the snowstorm, as it dictates their activities and compels them to confront any conceived inadequacies.

Director Hallie Baran does an admirable job with the production’s limitations, namely James C. Ferguson’s script. His heart is in the right place with mood and theme, but there are some holes that if rectified, would give the production more punch. The actors emoted with enthusiasm and zeal, particularly Pamela Laurie. It is a story that we can all relate to, and may have found ourselves in similar circumstances. Hopefully it won’t require a snowstorm to discover our life’s fulfillment.

Snowbound runs through October 23 at the Avery Schreiber Theatre, 11050 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. For more information call (818) 392-7526 or visit www.theredbrickroad.org.

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