Actor Miles Tagtmeyer flying high with an Emmy nomination for ‘Broken’

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Flying home to officiate his sister’s wedding, actor Miles Tagtmeyer was in the air when he got the news that he is currently nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for his work in Broken, which he also served as executive producer.

Tagtmeyer said, “I couldn’t get my phone to work.” Frustrated, but never one to give up, he tried another avenue until at last there it was on his screen, confirmation of his nomination. “I laughed and cried; people on the plane thought I was crazy. On my layover in Atlanta I talked to my mom. I was walking through the airport, laughing and crying with even more people thinking I was crazy,” he said.

He may be crazy…like a fox, as he did not let up on his goal to see Broken, his passion project, nominated. His character, Liam, suffers from schizophrenia when his medication is switched. He then succumbs to delusions leading to a tragedy. Actress Lee Garlington also received a nomination for Outstanding Actress as Darlene.

Tagtmeyer feels strongly about the subject of mental illness, saying, “Mental illness is a topic that not enough people talk about.” He relates that he and fellow cast members have family that have had to deal with illness and while not schizophrenia as his character in Broken, he feels it is a story people would want to see.

With no studio support, Tagtmeyer set out to make sure Broken was seen. He attended 55 For Your Consideration events in less than two months, with director Kyle Milusnic attending 45 events.

Independently produced but shot like a movie, as quality is paramount to Tagtmeyer, Broken was written by Jake Parker and had a crew of 30. It can be seen at and on Vimeo. 

Follow Tagtmeyer on Instagram and Twitter: @milestagtmeyer.


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