Actor Ted Maritz hasn’t played an aerospace engineer on TV yet but he is one in real life

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Ted Maritz began acting, and adding, in high school. He found acting to be his true love, participating in theatre productions and musicals. But he kept up appearances with his parents by courting math, physics and engineering on the side. Turns out he had a thing for all of the above.

So off to the University Of Colorado to get a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and then a day job at Lockheed Martin. “I am a few degrees of separation from Mars,” Maritz says with pride in his previous career. “I worked on the Mars Insight Lander that’s scheduled to land later this month.”

A high school sweetheart beckoned so he continued acting classes in college and during those three years he worked in engineering. Working on “Mars” he repeatedly drove six hours to New Mexico (isn’t that where Area 51 is??) for auditions, scoring parts on Manhattan, Better Call Saul and later, Our Souls At Night with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.

Maritz’s acting career blasted off and he had to jettison engineering. That must have been a rough call to the folks. He now juggles being on set with training in L.A. and has even studied with The Groundlings.

“You get into acting because you get to step outside of yourself,” Maritz says. He explores human nature whether playing an innocent college type, the scum-bag in his upcoming indie feature, Initiation, or a mischievousness cavalryman in Big Kill, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Jason Patric and Danny Trejo.

Does Maritz see himself as a super-hero character? “I was a big Marvel fan as a kid,” he admits, “I’d like to play Captain America or maybe Spider-Man.” He might just top that legendary upside down kiss.

“Big Kill” is now on VOD and look for Maritz in “Initiation” this spring.


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