Actress Audrey Walters dishes on new western film ‘Big Kill’ and more

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‘It’s fun to play a madam,’ she says

Actress Audrey Walters portrays a sultry, take-charge madam in writer/director Scott Martin’s upcoming western Big Kill, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Jason Patric and Danny Trejo. “It was fun to play a madam,” says Walters. “Every day I couldn’t wait to see what I’d be wearing, luckily my kids are old enough to understand that’s not who I am,” she laughs.

Filmed at the famous Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Walters spent hours in hair, make-up and wardrobe. She says the process helped her get into the character. So much so she was able to outfox Phillips in a cast and crew poker game, winning big on set.

Jump forward a hundred years for director Jonathan Watson’s dark comedy Arizona, set in 2009, featuring Walters as Mrs. Boychuk. She worked alongside actress Rosemarie DeWitt, saying, “She is truly a lovely human being.” And speaking of lovely humans, Walters can be seen now with Robert Redford on Netflix in the romantic drama Our Souls At Night, which also stars Jane Fonda.

Walters, a Texas native, shares her time between L.A. and Colorado with her sons and husband.  “I built my career with my kids and they feel they are part of my success,” she says. In fact, years ago she took her first acting class alongside her daughter, who now performs overseas.

Walters’ other passion is her business, “Talk To The Camera”—classes and camps that help students learn confidence and communication by creating their own shows and mini-movies. She says, “There is so much negativity, it’s tough for kids.” So Walters and her partner created a place for a positive learning community. They’ve had so much success they are now franchising.

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