As this is the special dining edition I’ll suggest several cogent reasons why you should heed the ad messages


Why you should dine out rather than cook at home.

You save time. Time spent fighting the traffic to and from the grocery store, more time squandered while shopping, loading and unpacking the car. More time and energy to lug the groceries into the house and onto shelves and don’t forget the frozen stuff. It also takes time to wash and refrigerate salad greens, fresh veggies, and fruit.

I’ll wager you’re pooped just contemplating the routine ordeal.

Break free — dine out and you won’t have to cook and serve that home meal. Better yet there are no greasy pots and pans and dirty plates and utensils to wash after dinner.

Hey — there isn’t even a bag of garbage to deal with.

It’s also fun to be out among ‘em and there’s the thrill of discovery — a different place or unfamiliar dish — and that restaurant meal becomes an occasion.

Oh happy day when the only thing you need to make is reservations.

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