Award-winning animation director Isamu Imakake’s ‘The Laws of the Universe’ inspired by Disney, James Cameron and George Lucas

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Japanese animation director Isamu Imakake has followed uphis wildly successful anime film, The Laws of the Universe Part 0, with its much anticipated and award-winning sequel, The Laws of the Universe Part 1.

Isamu Imakake says, “I was inspired by Walt Disney, Ridley Scott, Sydney Jay Mead and James Cameron.”

Winning the Special Jury Animation Award at the Awareness Film Festival 2018 in Los Angeles, Part 1 tells the story of the birth of the Earth, the secret of the creation of humankind, interactions and battles with various aliens, and for the first time, reveals the existence of “the God of the Earth.”

Born in 1968, Imakake is known for character design, set design and directing. “I have taken a role of Chief Director for the worldwide popular TV animation Captain Tsubasa, set design for Cowboy Bebop as well as key animator for Naida: The Secret of Blue Water,” Imakake says. “Also for animation movies, I was appointed as a main staff for Neon Genesis Evangelion and Lupin the Third so I have many core fans of my works all around the world.”

Imakake says of his American influences, “I was inspired by Walt Disney, Ridley Scott, Sydney Jay Mead and James Cameron for their animations and works. In terms of an admiration for the space and creating mysterious works, Frank Capra and Robert Zemeckis inspired me strongly. And with regard to sci-fi and hero stories, George Lucas and Marvel inspired me quite a lot.”

Imakake also has an interest in live action, but has already begun work on Part 2, so that project will have to wait.

“The Laws of the Universe-Part I” is presented In the US with English audio dub. After a successful theater run last October, look for it on DVD and possible online release February 2019. For additional information visit


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