Cavalia’s Normand Latourelle Creates a New Spectacular, Odysseo

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Cavalia’s Norman Latourelle is the genius behind a new spectacular show called Odysseo, but he credits his big team that has made it “a revolution in entertainment.” He describes the unique concept as “the perfect integration between performing arts and equestrian arts, filled with theatrics and entertainment.”

Like his original show Cavalia, Odysseo celebrates the journey of horse and man, with several dozen horses and awesome acrobats creating an experience under Latourelle’s Big White Top. The mega-tent complex is set up in downtown Burbank for the show that premieres Wednesday, Feb. 27, through March 10.

Latourelle proudly explains “Odysseo is full of surprises for two hours, with fantastic moments with the acrobats, as well as when the humans and horses share the stage. At one point we have only eight persons on stage and we have 32 horses, and they do a ‘ballet’ together. They run, they walk, they dance together. And the horses are totally free. They have no bits or saddles, they are just there enjoying their time at play, with the eight trainers there to enjoy the moment with them. Nowhere else will you ever see 32 horses and eight people running and dancing together. For me, that’s a very moving moment, but it’s not the only one.”

There are awesome set pieces. A real merry-go-round appears to showcase an amazing acrobatic number. “Also, one of our many surprises is when the stage is flooded, in two-and-a-half minutes, and then the horses come out and play in the water. It’s a moment that’s a big splash,” says Latourelle.

Happy to be returning to Burbank, where the sensational Cavalia was a sellout success two years ago, Latourelle’s new show promises to be a magical experience. For ticket information phone (866) 999-8111 or go to

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