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It’s a safe bet that only a few hardy readers recall the  time before Greenblatt’s Deli and Wine Shop began doing business “on the Strip” at 8017 W. Sunset Blvd. The 80 year old landmark remains a humble but inviting refuge serving classic deli favorites and is stocked with hundreds of wines, including vintages for as little as $10 to sip with a thick Pastrami or Roast Beef sandwich, for a modest $5 corkage fee by a friendly server. Take home savory meats, fish or fowl and an array of outstanding cheeses, plus perhaps a few bottles of Bordeaux and Burgundy. The Palate predicts you’ll hurry back to unpretentious Greenblatt’s Deli soon.
Admired as a picturesque party setting, The Castaway Banquet Center on Harvard Road in Burbank also serves lunch and dinner in its dining room,  Through the years, the Palate has attended a number of notable events at the local landmark though I’ve been less impressed by the menu fare served to the public, despite a skillfully managed full bar. Banquet bookings have slowed with the economy and in a bid for budget-conscious early diners, the Castaway has introduced a $17.95 Sunset Dinner served daily, except on holidays, from 4:50 ’til 6:30 pm. Entrée choices include an 8 oz cut Prime Rib of Beef, fresh Atlantic grilled Salmon, Chicken Scaloppini or Vegetarian Ratatouille Pasta, each served with a starter of Lobster Bisque or a green salad with a dessert of New York style Cheesecake. Beverages, tax and gratuities are additional.
More than a few readers reacted to last week’s Palate tirade on negative eating out behavior and several complained that I excluded the excessive use of catsup, well, it was an oversight and the palate agrees that the red stuff should be limited to foods like fries and burgers, and maybe meatloaf, but never pour catsup on a steak roast or lobster tail!
Speaking of additives, there’s a wealth of valuable data on what to use and how in “A Consumer’s Guide to Food Additives,” $17.95 from Three Rivers Press. The guide describes 12,000 ingredients and their appropriate uses, plus cautions. At a culinary glance, that’s at least 11,000 more condiments the Palate has on racks, shelves or in layers hidden in drawers.

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