Emmy-nominated power couple Kelly Jenrette and Melvin Jackson Jr. are making history

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Kelly Jenrette earned her Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for her amazing performance as Annie this season on Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. “Elizabeth Moss was kind and gracious,” Jenrette relates of her co-star.

Melvin Jackson Jr. earned his Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for his web series This Eddie Murphy Role is Mine, Not Yours as himself and Eddie Murphy. He co-wrote the series with Jenrette and produced. Jackson explains, “It’s about me having a fun take on auditioning.” Jackson’s character will do anything to get the role of playing Eddie Murphy — anything!

They’re the first African American married couple to both earn Emmy nods in the same year. Jenrette explained, “It takes your breath away…the next day I thought it was a dream.” Jackson said, “It’s an honor and we’re seizing the moment.”

Jenrette is nominated with renowned artists Viola Davis, Diana Rigg and Cicely Tyson. Jenrette says, “Standing on the shoulders of Cicely Tyson and the path that she has paved for me and all actors, is a humbling experience and I’m grateful to be in this category with each one of the women nominated.”

Jackson, often compared to Eddie Murphy, says, “It’s an honor. I want to make my own name known, but he’s someone I admire and I thought it was a great time to pay homage to him.”

If that’s not enough, this power couple recently collaborated on a children’s book, The Adventures of Jimmy the Fly, based on a character Jackson penned. The book is available on Amazon.

“I am filled with joy at Kelly’s nomination, she has earned this because she has put in a lot of work, and watching her makes me want to work even harder,” Jackson said of his wife.

“We truly are as happy in real life as we are in pictures,” Jenrette beamed, “And we want to sincerely thank the Television Academy members for voting for us.”

Look for Jenrette in the upcoming Netflix film All Day and a Night opposite Jeffrey Wright.

Find their works on Instagram: @kellymjenrette and @MelvinJacksonJr also visit MelvinJacksonJr.com.


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