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Summer is finally in the air and, among its sundry pleasures is yogurt — especially the healthful Yogurtland store frozen yogurt: rich in calcium, vitamins, probiotics, live and active cultures and terrific flavors. A personal Palate pleasure is the Cinnamon Graham Cracker low fat treat. Another winner is the Key Lime Tart treat, and there are many other choices ready to go… Go to for store locations.

Oak Fire Pizza, newish at 13359 Ventura Blvd. in stylish Sherman Oaks, has scored an instant hit with Valley-ites seeking a broad menu of good food at reasonable prices. Thin crust pizzas, $11 to $15, are a house feature and they do a neat Chicago deep-dish style pie. Entrees range from $15 to $28.There’s a pub bar for boozing while schmoozing. Add an attractive contemporary setting and friendly though spotty service, and it’s time to make reservations. Lunch from 11:30 ayem and service ‘til 2 in the ayem.

Many if not most home chefs over-grill or boil shrimp, a delicacy that needs less than a minute on the burner. Another clue: cook fresh or defrosted shrimp with their shells on to preserve full flavor. Provide a shell catcher and have a sliced lemon handy on that dinner plate. Mmmm — I’m making myself hungry. Fire up the grill!

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