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Twin cafes no more. There were some major changes made when Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Makeover series re-discovered La Frite Café, a landmark at 15013 Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, lavishing a totally new look and a pared down menu at pumped up prices. The cozy remake is good news for Valley gourmets but some disapproving regulars have retreated to the unchanged Woodland Hills location.

Sherman Oaks patrons pay between $7 – $14 for starters and from $ $39.95 for entrees. Best picks include mushroom and brie crepes, steak tartare and steak frites, a juicy 8 ounce hanger cut with crisp fries. Or fork tender short ribs atop creamed corn. Consider sharing a warm crepe dessert. Call for info and to reserve (818) 990-1791 or go to

Every fan of Chinese food has a favorite little take-out haunt. Mine is Song Hay Inn in the Gelson’s Market mini-mall 2720 Griffith Park Blvd and Hyperion Avenue in Los Angeles. It’s the site of the original Walt Disney Studios in the ‘30s and was home to Snow White and her 7 munchkins.

The dining room at Song Hay is spacious and neat but lacks ambience or presentation. They do many shrimp recipes and a few interesting pork specialties at the family operated place for Cantonese and Mandarin food. It’s the pro prep of a broad menu at modest prices that draws regulars back time and again. Chicken Chow Mein and Beef Chop Suey are staple favorites and the Wonton is a fine starter. The Inn is open from 11 AM ‘til 9:30 daily except Sunday. Call (323) 662-0978. Warning – their food is habit forming!

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