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The Palate invariably garners “thank you notes” from readers when the column includes a report on the Lancer’s Family Restaurant just off Burbank Blvd. at 697 Victory Blvd. in Burbank. The family-owned landmark is remarkable in so many ways, including its spacious physical versatility and the broad scope of its sensibly-priced menu. There’s something for virtually everybody, starting with breakfast at any hour. Varied egg dishes with favorite meat choices are served with thin-sliced fried potatoes and a choice of toast or fresh-baked muffins. The Lancer’s French toast and hotcakes are outstanding.
At least 20 tempting sandwiches are featured from burgers and clubs to a luscious tuna melt or various chicken recipes, not to mention deli delights like pastrami, corned beef and a hearty west coast Reuben.
Dinner entrées include Top Sirloin steak, fried shrimp or scallops, grilled halibut steak or breast of chicken teriyaki. There are also hearty home-style soups and crispy green salads.
The current list of daily “value dinners” is served from 3pm, and includes Monday’s split breast, pressure deep-fried ‘broasted’ chicken at $7.49, and two Tuesday dinners for $14.99 with choice of four main dishes. On Wednesday, it’s a Rib Eye Steak dinner ($9.99), on Thursday, tender Top Sirloin Steak ($8.99), the Friday juicy cuts of Prime Rib ($11.99) and Saturday brings a choice of New York Steak at $8.99 or a meaty 12 0z. T-Bone steak at $11.99. There’s baked chicken every Sunday, a long-time Lancer’s special still just $7.49.
There’s nothing skimpy about these budget meals. Daily entrée specials include crisp green salad, soup, choice of potato, veggies and freshly-baked bread plus a light dessert. The entire regular menu is also available.
There’s a full bar in the lounge, alternate counter seating in the coffee shop section, plus ample self parking, and all dishes may be ordered to take out. The friendly, efficient restaurant has been here for decades but only the experience is apparent; Lancer’s is casual and unpretentious with swift service. Non-specials receive a senior discount by request. For more info, dial (818) 843-3433.
While in the area, pay a visit to the Burbank Animal Shelter a couple of blocks north of Burbank Blvd., and consider adopting a wagging tail in dire need of a second chance. That’s how the Palate met, and was rescued by, Milo, the vivacious and loving Yorkie who took pity and rescued me a few happy months ago. Unconditional love is a rare and wonderful thing!
Wherever you dine—including at home—count more than calories. The three food threats to good health are fats, sugar and salt. Think and taste before you pour it on, inviting obesity, clogged arteries and elevated blood sugar.

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