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Ever since McDonald’s cracked the great divide twixt fast food and a real breakfast with its Egg McMuffin innovation, other chains have attempted to ting the breakfast bell with mixed results. Subway and Wendy’s are in the swim and now it’s time to say “Buenos dias” to Taco Bell, best recalled as the home of a Spanish speaking Chihuahua, diving in the deep end with many items from 89 cents to $2.29 at 800 of its 5,600 stores nationwide. Time will tell if folks want Eggs Ranchero on a paper plate.

The fact is that fast food purveyors have made giant leaps during the recession because their fare is fast and cheap. For the Palate there’s nothing more satisfying than nestling into a comfy booth with a full menu and my very own server. She or he is the professional link to a satisfactory dining experience. Unhappily there‘s a generation almost unaware of the gratuity system that supplements servers paid a minimum wage per hour. That person delivering your food is not a robot but an individual reliant on tip income to pay for studies, survival while waiting for that big career break, or supporting a family.

Poor service does not rate a big reward but special attention deserves a bonus when you pay out. Add an extra buck and a big smile to your server and feel good all over. Generosity pays off!

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