James Moseley With Roger Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra


James Moseley, also known as “The Bone Man.”

One’s taste in music can be a divisive issue – advocates of death metal may find little common ground with aficionados of Perry Como, and even mutually devoted fans of a genre will disagree on minutiae. But there may be a larger division across the spectra of musical preference, with two distinct camps: those who like easy listening and those who don’t.

James Moseley’s album, James Moseley with Roger Williams and members of the London Symphony Orchestra, will certainly impress fans of easy listening.

“The concept was to give people beautiful music that they already enjoy in a beautifully rich way that only an orchestra of this quality can deliver and then collaborate with great soloists with whom I respect and others love listening to,” Moseley said.

Indeed, some of the tracks are renditions of my personal favorites, including John Barry’s theme from Somewhere In Time. I have always considered it a perfect piece, expressing the most delicate feelings of love and loss, and I was surprised that it was Moseley’s trombone, instead of a wind or string, that carried the melody. Other notable selections include a “south-of-the-border” arrangement of the ‘70s pop hit “Alone Again, Naturally,” and an arpeggio-dominated cover of “The Rose.”

Moseley’s talents are widely known; he was even a finalist in the submission process for a Grammy nomination.

“Jim’s sharp technical skill is balanced and accented by his wonderfully gifted tone,” Bob Hope once said of the musician. “I have shared audiences with both Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey, and Jim is certainly in their league.”

Moseley credits most of his stylistic influences to his mentor Carl Fontana, a former band mate of such luminaries as Elvis, Paul Anka and Frank Sinatra.

James Moseley with Roger Williams and members of the London Symphony Orchestra will be a most welcome addition to the libraries of those looking for softer interpretations of classic melo-dies. The album will be available for purchase September through all major retail and online vendors.

For more information, visit the Boneman Music label at www.bonemanmusic.com.

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