Jimmy Spencer: “To Love and Be Loved in Return”


Always classic, forever cool, Jimmy Spencer continues to entertain with his CD “Forever Love.”

Jimmy Spencer, a soulful musician, shares songs of hope and affairs of the heart in his CD Forever Love. His playlist is eclectic, marrying well known standards with not so well known tunes that have fallen away, yet still resonate universally.

Jazz and Blues are the true roots of American music, from which so many artists have found inspiration. Jimmy Spencer, in his own creative, elegant style belts the beautiful lyrics made famous by Jerome Kern, “The Way You Look Tonight.” Spencer also finds inspiration from the legendary Frank Sinatra, the iconic Mr. S, whose golden voice and songs have been emulated, played, and replayed throughout generations.

Jimmy Spencer has developed quite a following, in his own right, and is somewhat of a Los Angeles fixture, singing at clubs and cabarets throughout the city, including Jax Bar & Grill in Glendale; Colombo’s in Eagle Rock; and monthly at Barone’s in Valley Glen. With clubs, such as the famed Algonquin in NYC, closing down and fading into the sunset, we are fortunate to still have a warm, intimate dinner theatre ambience at Barone’s, where, when the spirit moves, sparked by Spencer’s charisma and talent, diners spontaneously get up and “dance the night away.”

The show and setting is a step back in time, to simpler, gentler days, reminiscent of the Catskills and Vegas lounges of yesteryear, in their heyday. Spencer proclaims that his latest CD, a mix of familiar Latin salsa rhythms, big band swing, and ballad harmonies, blended with some original tunes by keyboardist Karen Hernandez, is “the kind of music that resonates with people 40 years and up.” It is a breath of fresh air to see and hear an experienced, deep, velvety rich voice of such caliber, accompanied by the talented Karen Hernandez Trio: Karen on keyboards; Lou Shoch on bass; and Jack LeCompte on drums. As a “picture paints a 1,000 words,” the song lingers on and the melody as well, as this charismatic performer sets a romantic tone and the delicious food at Barone’s is an entree to a beautiful night.

Spencer’s rendition of Etta James’ “At Last” was one of the surprises in store for the evening. Listeners of either the live show, or in the comfort of one’s home with a CD, will experience the magic of Jimmy Spencer, music with a kind of finesse like no other.

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