LIVE Onstage in Burbank: Music, Passion, & Electrically Charged Rick Springfield!


By Lorenzo Marchessi

Rick Springfield rocking with high energy onstage at the Bur-bank Starlight Bowl.

Having seen this man perform onstage and over the years in music videos, live TV performances, and CDs, Rick Springfield sure gives the same energy and life to his live concert at the Starlight Bowl inBurbank. The last concert of the summer series, Rick took the theatre out with a bang!

Opening his show with a banging’ “Who Killed Rock’N’Roll” and then right into his ‘80s #1 hit “Affair of the Heart” followed by his own classic “Living in Oz”…  Springfieldended his first set with the McCartney tune “Jet”. He took a brief moment to explain how he made a deep cut in his finger chopping vegetables for dinner the night before and incurred a lot of sympathy from the crowd – making everyone laugh with humility!

As he breathed deep and brushed the sweat off his brow in the 80 degree eveningBurbankheat, he jokingly talked of the fans and the Starlight Bowl Theatre as being like a mini Greek Theatre – calling it a Greekette! Saying quite clearly, “This is a great place!”

His set included some really well played and audience pleasing songs like “I Get Excited” and a string melody that included “I’ve Done Everything for You,” “I Hate Myself” (which he briefly explained was a positive song about moving forward, from his forthcoming CD), and then the song “Rock of Life.”

His set included his other big hits “Love is Alright” followed by “Redhouse.” He seemed to have the most fun singing his #1 hit “Don’t Talk to Strangers.” Right in the middle of the songSpringfieldinvited the kids in the audience onstage to help him sing the title line of the song. It was cute, charming, and funny. Most of the kids had a blast singing and dancing with him onstage – and some were really shy!

You can tell he’s a father himself by the way he handled the kids. His smooth voice, his band, and his music kept rocking the crowd with the songs “Love Somebody” and “Human Touch,” which – with the Burbank Police monitoring close behind him – he jumped out into the audience and over the bleachers to close the song! Again, both classic hits from the ‘80s: as he modestly admits on stage that he is “just a little bit ‘older’ these days.”

It only took three notes and the crowd again went wild – why?Springfieldstarted singing: “Jesse is a friend … yeah I know he’s been a good friend of mine….” And singing along with him the audience joined in on his #1 smash, chart-breaking single that put him on the map, “Jesse’s Girl.”

Making his signature guitar strum with a bouquet of roses “roundhouse” arm motion over the strings of his guitar – spreading rose petals all over the audience – Springfield hit the final notes of his “Jesse’s Girl” classic and left the stage to a wildly loud crowd clapping and cheering for more.

Two encores came next as he closed with a Beatles classic “Can’t Buy Me Love” and then “Kristina.”

A wonderful night of music and high energy, Rick Springfield can still make the world sing and dance – even 30 years after he first broke onto the music charts! And his energy and stamina kept him bouncing, jumping, and strumming his guitar even at the age of 63. Rock on!

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