Night of the Storm – The Newest Novel by Jean Marie Rusin

Jean Marie Rusin.

Jean Marie Rusin.

(New Britain, Conn.) – “The night of the storm, spooky things started to happen; the rain came down heavy. Someone knocked at the door but it was too dark to see. I saw a man, a man with a cape. I hid in the corner and waited for morning to come.
“Three witches came to town and began to cast spells. Zombies, vampires and werewolves followed soon after and no one was safe. Everyone had fallen victim to some ‘thing.’ Boy Scouts on camping trips were bitten by vampires and followed suit. Others became robots. They were out of control.”
Order this title online using ISBN 1-60703-453-0.

Jean Marie Rusin lived with family in Connecticut. She belonged to the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association base in Avon, Conn. Rusin graduated from Connecticut of Broadcasting in 2007. Her publishing can be viewed in the New Britain Herald and the Tolucan Times. Jean Marie Rusin volunteers for the March of Dimes and Special Olympics. For More information visit her websites: and


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