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In a sheltered nook of the NoHo Arts District, behind the most intimidating intersection, awaits the most inviting little sandwich shop around. This one-a-of-kind spot brings a Mediterranean melding of tastes to the table in the form of wraps and sandwiches that appeal to both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

The brain-child behind the ingredients, Bentin Oshoei, has spent the last 12 years working with his mother, sister and father, Papa George, and they all continue to play an integral role within the family business. The ingredients are locally sourced and scouted for only the freshest inner and outer workings. This hard working family delivers nothing but love in what they provide, bringing homemade specialties and smiles to the unfaltering residents of NoHo and surrounding areas.

The wraps are served on lavish bread and stuffed with a myriad of elements the typical sandwich parlor does not carry. Stand-outs include:

Shahkloot Special (a yummy hodge-podge of ingredients) stuffed with feta cheese, falafel, pickles, Greek olives, tabouleh, hummus, tahini, cucumbers, tomato, avocado, lettuce and fresh herbs including mint, basil and parsley. It is then dusted with cayenne pepper, which helps intensify the natural goodness. After the first bite you will become a devoted fan looking for season tickets.

The Mediterranean Madness is served with Labni yogurt, hummus and imported grape leaves adding a hearty bite to the cornucopia of ingredients. This will leave you feeling extremely satisfied without a heavy nap-time feeling — now get back to work!

The specialty wraps are equally irresistible. The Kotlette sandwich is a patty of ground turkey, potatoes, onions, vegetables and spices —including curry and turmeric — that create a moist and hearty foundation. It is presented on a fresh Armenian roll with all the traditional fixings. One bite of this and you will be the “cool kid in town” telling all your friends about your new find.

The Gyro Gone Wild is the behemoth of wraps — duel handed approach required. It is filled with Gyro meat and falafel and is served with a huge host of inner components, similar to the Shahkloot Special. This sandwich gives the meat eaters something to brag about and is massive enough to save half for dinner.

The selection of more recognizable subs and salads, including the Hy Mart Delight (turkey, pastrami and provolone) and Chicken Salad — combined with whole hearted service — is sure to perk up anyone that is having a mediocre day.

The Bottom Line: Sandwiches and Wraps $6-$8, Salads $4-$8. A quant little place inside a mini-mall, super friendly owners and a product that will keep bringing you back for more.

Papa George’s Hy Mart Sandwiches is located at 4795 Vineland Ave. # C on the corner of Vineland and Camarillo in the NoHo Arts District, 91602.

Los Angeles born and raised, Scott Putman is the principal of PROFITdine, a restaurant financial advisory firm specializing in assisting independent operator’s success.

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Los Angeles born and raised, Scott Putman is the principle of PROFITdine, a restaurant financial advisory firm specializing in assisting independent operator’s success.

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