Rachel Kiser Makes ‘Em Laugh … and Cry … in Ma Voix


Rachel Kiser wrote and stars in “Ma Voix - Song of My Youth.”

Tell me your story…. The power of personal narrative is so rich and important, and slowly becoming a national trend. In the solo series, presented by Whitefire Theatre, the talented and vivacious Rachel Kiser is thrilled to share her personal sacred story with her audience, and quite honored to be opening this year’s series: Ma Voix — Song of My Youth. Rachel, originally a “Midwest farmer’s daughter,” and now a “California girl,” has come full circle, and shares in a vulnerable, brave performance, how she has beat adversity, now “living her dream.” And she does it all with style, song, and soliloquy.

Rachel brings a Cinderella/ princess character from Into the Woods to life on stage, revealing how accurately and uncannily Sondheim’s lyrics reflect her own life’s decisions: “Better stop and take stock while you’re standing here stuck on the steps of the palace … You think, what do you want? You think, make a decision.”

Her journey, surviving a co-dependent marriage, years of therapy, eventual divorce, combined with her talent and drive, has brought her to a place in life where she is truly happy, doing what she was born to do. Her “I Will Survive” dynamism and confidence, despite her admitted insecurities, enable her to carry this fantastic show “solo,” not a feat easily accomplished; she portrays each character and influential figure from her formative years in a credible, authentic manner, complete with gestures and accents.

Rachel is able to transform her persona from sad to serious; sassy to strong. As the writer and performer of this one woman autobiographical show, Rachel tells her story from her own truths and experiences. States Rachel, “It’s what we know best. And no one can relate to the world with my story … except for me.”

A very tender, sentimental point in the show is her tribute to her beloved “Granny Bee,” the family matriarch and “essence of joy.” After hearing the humorous material, one will never think of red balloons in the same way again!

One beautiful woman, inside and out, from trial and tribulation, comes to life, with humor and original music.

Ma Voix – Song of My Youth runs on Saturday, March 10, at 8 p.m. at The Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. Tickets are $20. For tickets, visit http://www.brownpapertickets.com.

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