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The prospect of a really good breakfast brightens once you discover the airy indoor-outdoor pleasures of the aptly named Square One on Fountain Ave. at the Los Feliz edge of Hollywood, where classic dishes are shown fresh, organic and hormone-free respect without extravagant tariffs. Gently prepared, imaginatively stuffed (but not over-stuffed) omelets and triple stacks of golden, buttermilk hotcakes enhanced with bacon-blessed caramel sauce are Palate pleasers well under $15 with steaming cups of fresh brewed java. Lunch has menu merit, but breakfast is the star attraction that will bring you back to Square One for more.
By sharp contrast but in the same nabe, 1739 Public House on N. Vermont Ave., doesn‘t open its doors ‘til 3 p.m., when 40 beer taps and a full bar begin their $6 per glass weekdays (11 a.m. on weekends). The bargain lure here is an individual thin-crusted, free pizza to every bar patron twixt 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Edible sandwiches and salads are available but, like the strippers sang, “you gotta’ have a gimmick.” That free pizza is the deal maker, even for spenders who pop $12 for a Grey Goose martini.
Very few number flan amongst their favorite desserts and with good reason, as most are either tasteless and gooey or gritty globs not worth the burnt sugar sauce they’re drowned in. Now comes a fresh approach by L.A.-based Flan King, launched three years ago by former ad executive Gregg Beckett who was urged into the enterprise by friends who received gift flans from Greg’s kitchen on birthdays and holidays. Business for the creamy-textured, naturally-sweet confection is booming with individual portions at $3, up to 10 portions at $25, with gift wrap and delivery service available. To find out more about Beckett‘s sweet sensation, log onto
Bayou dwellers crave a crawfish boil and other unique or classic things Louisiana chefs know to make the tiny shellfish a gourmet treat. There‘s an extremely limited presence of crawfish cookin’ hereabouts, but Chef Alex Reznik serves a winning dish of beef cheeks topped with tarragon and crawfish smoked for aromatic flavor at Café Wa 5 on N. Vine St. in Hollywood. And that’s what I like about the south!

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