Repo Men


Repo Men

Run time 111 minutes.
Not for children.

Forest Whitaker and Jude Law star in the futuristic sci-fi thriller “Repo Men.”

This is a repellent, nauseating, sorry excuse for a motion picture. Jude Law and Forest Whitaker star as men in the near future who take organs from people, killing them in the process, for a company that supplies human organs for a price to those who need it. The catch is that the donees have to pay huge fees on time, and if they fail to make payments, the Repo Men are sent out to take the organ back. The only type of person who could take a job like this would be a psychopath, but both Law and Whitaker are pictured as caring people.
Carice van Houten plays Law’s wife, Carol, the only normal person in the entire movie, and Alice Braga plays the girl Law meets who is composed almost entirely of replaced organs. Liev Schreiber plays the avaricious boss to whom Law and Whitaker report.
Maybe this would be an interesting take if director Miguel Sapochnik hadn’t been so bloodthirsty. If you choose to support this movie, you get scenes that show graphic operations, knives slicing into the skin, hands reaching into holes in the skin to pull out living organs, blood dripping, nay, gushing, all over the place.
There is nothing that shows the horror of the victims. They are scared, but the end of life is definitely minimized.
What is an Academy Award-winner Whitaker doing in a piece of garbage like this? To my mind it shows either lack of judgment or lack of respect for the award he received. It’s like a Best Actress winner playing in a porn film. When you win an Oscar® you should have the integrity to choose roles befitting of an Oscar® winner. This is not such a role. Whitaker is apparently proud of the fact that he’s a martial arts devotee and this film gave him the opportunity to flout his prowess. That’s not a valid reason for appearing in something this tawdry.
While the story has possibilities if it were in the hands of talented filmmakers, what Sapochnik has created is pure, unadulterated trash.

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