Escape to Italy via Toluca Lake’s lovely Ca’ Del Sole

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For an enchanting escape from the craziness of the Valley, treat yourself to a repast at Ca’ Del Sole. Located on busy Cahuenga Blvd., it is a surprisingly serene dining spot. Although the indoor dining room is lovely, I prefer the outdoor patio with its cozy cabanas. At night it can be magical with tiny white lights twinkling like stars.

The server arrives promptly to offer a beverage. Then we are presented with a mouth watering olive tapenade served with two kinds of bread. My friend Jean and I love to share the salad of watercress and lettuce with toasted pine nuts, hearts of palm and shaved parmesan, tossed lightly with a lemon balsamic dressing.

Now the hard part: deciding on the main course. Jean opts for the homemade lasagna with beef ragout and béchamel sauce, topped with crispy fried spinach. I have more trouble deciding, like a kid in a candy store, finally selecting the squid ink linguini — thin, black pasta, blended with spicy Calabrese salami and shrimp in a cherry tomato sauce. Delicioso.

Another favorite is Bigoli Ca’ Del Sole — spaghetti with a copious amount of mussels, clams and shrimp in a slightly piquant tomato sauce. It is also fun to share appetizers, maybe the Carpaccio — thin slices of raw beef with truffle oil, or the Capesante alla Griglia — pan seared jumbo scallops bathing in cheese fondue, sprinkled with ribbons of fried pumpkin. Mamma mia!

The food, the ambience and the service (including the valets) are all impeccable at Ca’ Del Sole. Happy Hour is daily from 5pm to closing in the bar and lounge.

Ca’ Del Sole is located at 4100 Cahuenga Blvd. in Toluca Lake. For reservations and information call (818) 985-4669.

Laura Voeth has worked for some of L.A.’s most prestigious restaurants and her reviews have been published since 2002.



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Laura Voeth has worked for some of L.A.’s most prestigious restaurants. In 2002, she began reviewing restaurants for Beverly Hills-based “Women On Top” magazine. She is also a freelance writer.

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