Richard Anderson, an Actor of Immense Talent with a Galactic Heart


By Lorenzo Marchessi

The many faces of Richard Anderson.

I had the thrill of a lifetime talking to legendary actor Richard Anderson, best known throughout the world as Oscar Goldman from the hit series The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

Around the tender age of seven, in the heart of New York City, he jumped at every chance he got to see cowboy movies when they came to town. Anderson says, “When I was young I said, ‘I want to do that. I want to be an actor.’”

Under contract with MGM, Anderson was plugged into Fred Wilcox’s Forbidden Planet as part of his agreement with the studio. Anderson explains, “It’s one of the first classic Sci-Fi films made. It was loosely based on Shakespeare.”

Talking about his many fellow Forbidden cast members, “I did four pictures with Walter Pidgeon and he was constantly helpful. Anne Francis was wonderful in it and so friendly. Working with Leslie Nielsen … such a great guy and always on set and ready with a great sense of humor.

“Harve Bennett, the producer/writer of The Six Million Dollar Man, told me he was doing some editing one day and the film showed Steve Austin walking fast in the shot. The editing machine suddenly got off center, skipped, and went into slow motion. By accident, that iconic opening was born. History was made by accident!

“The Bionic Woman with Lindsay Wagner?” Anderson asks. “Lindsay was ahead of everybody. She was ahead of her time. She was a lovely lady, very talented and always strong.”

Richard Anderson’s beliefs are simple, “It’s all hard work. You gotta do the work and it really is hard.” Anderson continues, “We [actors]are all here to tell stories … when you do it well … the work just keeps on coming!” You can follow him on his website at He’s amazing and truly is a wonderful man!

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