San Fernando Valley Professional School Red Carpet Event


By Rebecca Hoffman

HGTV’s Clive Pearse hosted the first-ever SFVPS LIVE! event, showcasing the best and bright-est young talent in town.

TheSan Fernando ValleyProfessionalSchoolheld their first SFVPS LIVE! on Tuesday, May 29. Hosted by HGTV’s Clive Pearse at the El Portal Theater, it promised to showcase the best “new talent” in town, and the “future mega stars,” as Pearse put it, didn’t disappoint.

The ambitious students actively work in their fields as performers and, as a result, had no problems walking the red carpet at SFVPS LIVE! Some noteworthy accomplishments of students include: roles on national television, performing at Carnegie Hall, and in Broadway musicals.

On the red carpet, 10-year-old co-host J.J. Totah promised an evening of talent and fun, revealing that he’d be singing and telling jokes. He confessed his favorite jokes were “Yo Mamma” jokes, but said he wouldn’t be sporting any that evening. Right before the show Pearse had some enticing words to start the evening with.

“I was promised that this would be the best gathering of new talent in town. You wait and see: These kids will be famous this time next year.”

And with Pearse setting expectations high, the kids had a lot to live up to. The evening started with a cast singing of “Seasons of Love” from RENT followed by a variety of witty skits, a ballet, and talented solo and group singing acts; leaving the audience getting up after every act to give a standing ovation.

When asked why they loved performing, many confessed it had to do with a love of being on stage and in front of a crowd.  Emily Toorean said she loved feeling like she had the spotlight.

Zayne Emory received standing ovations throughout his rendition of “Trouble.” Chris Bones wowed the crowd with “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. And Alexis Wilkins brought the house down singing “Drops of Jupiter.”

The show ended with a group performance of Adele songs, Beatles songs, and, the show’s co-host, J.J., performing a theatrical version of “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.

The success of SFVPS LIVE! is due in large part to Headmistress Ms. Angie. It has been her dream for over 14 years to put a show on like this. TheSan Fernando ValleyProfessionalSchoolis moving to a new location with a beautiful campus in September.

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