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Runtime 107 minutes

This is yet another in the Die Hard series. Maybe it’s not advertised as such, but that’s what it is. In fact, about the only thing different is that Dwayne Johnson plays the role usually occupied by Bruce Willis who is probably getting a little long in the tooth for such things.

Obviously it’s brim full of special effects. The entire movie had to be filmed on green screen as Dwayne makes impossible leaps and hangs by a finger 1,000 feet above the ground several times.

A Chinese entrepreneur has built the tallest building in the world and some bad guys set fire to it at the outset, trapping Dwayne’s family on the 96th floor (which is less than halfway to the top). Dwayne has to get them out and get all the bad guys, with an artificial leg, no less.

Written and directed by Fawson Marshall Thurber, in a film loaded with plotholes, the biggest is never addressed. That is the fact that most people who die in fires perish due to smoke inhalation. This building burns and burns and burns, but the smoke never bothers anybody. Oh well, that’s Hollywood.

It’s full of action and tension, I guess. Nobody’s going to fall asleep in it, that’s fairly certain. But if you’ve seen one Die Hard movie, you’ve seen them all, but the bottom line is that they have all been entertaining, if ridiculous.


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