The “Supremely” Special Linda Shayne Levine, at the M Bar


Linda Shayne Levine performs a one-woman show in “Reality Check, Please.”

Before a full house at the elegant, trendy M Bar, Linda Shayne Levine, with musical accompanist Michael Orland, performed a medley of original songs, classic Broadway show tunes, mixed in with humorous anecdotes and life lessons in her fabulous one woman show, Reality Check, Please. The title alone reveals how steeped our society is in fantasy — escaping into reality shows. Linda, a self-ascribed “reality TV addict,” is hooked herself, to shows ranging from Idol to Housewives to Survivor. She opens the show, introducing herself:

“I have a life with many hats — actress, singer, mother… at the end of this endeavor, you’ll be my friends forever.”

Linda confronts the realities of day to day existence, the “hurricanes” of life vs. the fantastical life we all yearn for. This one woman show touches on Linda’s personal and professional “amazing race” in a chronological timeline.

Post-college (Emerson), Linda performed as the first white singer in The Supremes (she kids you not!). She goes on to describe a most momentous, joyous occasion: meeting her husband, a replacement guitarist in one of her show-biz gigs. She devotes a song, “So Far Away,” to her beautiful daughter, in anticipation of her upcoming college adventure, as life comes full circle.

Upon approaching the “empty nester” stage, Linda plans to give much energy to her lifelong passion: musical theatre. As she concludes her autobiographical evening of memories through humorous and musical expression, Linda leaves her audience with her personal mantra:

“In every heart, there is a sanctuary safe and strong- I will share this room with you, and you can have my heart to take.”

A delight to have NYC style cabaret dinner theatre in our own backyard of Hollywood!

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