The Palate is an occasional patron at the big, busy Los Feliz Sizzler. The healthful, economical salad bar is hard to beat and the place is very pleasant.


The ambitious entrees these days include fresh fish, lobster, crab legs and the current promotion: a fire grilled Ribeye Steak, $10.50 with one trip to the salad bar. Let’s face it; one salad plate won’t cut it for hearty buffet fans, so we both opted for the “endless salad bar,” $4.99 with the steak order. My friend also opted for the bonus cut of tri tip, $16.99. (I got dibs on a bite or two). He also chipped in 99 cents for mushrooms that never appeared on his dinner plate.

The steak looked good but proved grisly and the meat had been over-marinated with a pungent, (probable) tenderizer.

By contrast, my freshly grilled trout on a bed of rice was a tasty, perfectly prepared treat at just $11.95. The endless bar option was a value at $2.99. Small but thoroughly baked potatoes were hot, piled with butter and sour cream and foil wrapped so you can forget the skin… Even the cheese toast was good this time. We both imbibed tall glasses of raspberry iced tea, $2.20 each. The soup pots were thin but steaming hot and I’m addicted as a kid to the soft ice cream. The place was all but packed at 5 on Sunday evening. Clearly the Sizzler is doing something right!

Dinner for two came to $42.83 plus tax and tip. We were well fed but way less than dazzled by that Tri Tip special. I guess where steak is concerned, we still got pretty much what we pay for. The attractively maintained Los Feliz Sizzler provides self-parking.

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