The power and inspiration of conductor Sue Fink and Angel City Chorale shines

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‘A New Home For The Holidays’ concert sing-along at Immanuel Presbyterian Church draws tears of joy

Review by Carin Chea

There are chorales, and then there are Chorales. After seeing my first-ever Angel City Chorale performance last weekend, I confidently say: They are a “capital C” Chorale.

Conductor Sue Fink makes her entrance, greeting us warmly.  She carefully picks up her baton, gently blowing on its tip, a gesture that heralds some of the most blissful sounds I have heard on this side of Heaven. I look up: the stage is empty. Then, I realize the choir is entering from the back of the sanctuary, literally encasing us in a cloud of euphonious magic.

This is not hyperbole. Within seconds, I feel warm tears pouring down my face. The man two rows behind me is having the same experience, as is the woman two seats to my left, and probably anyone with a soul.  We have all been captivated.

For the next 90 minutes, we are not in road-rage-infested Los Angeles. Instead, we are transported to a time of stone castles and courage and sacred spaces.  As the cliché goes:  the orchestra is small, but it is beautifully mighty. Its expert playing could inspire an army to win a war. And, if ever there was a Chorale to prove that the voice is indeed a powerful instrument, look no further.

That night I told a friend, “The Angel City Chorale is like “the one” you marry. All the other choirs I’ve heard in my lifetime? Those are like all the guys we date before we find “the one.” This chorale? This is “the one.”


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