The sign above Lancers pick-up station says it all: “If you’re not proud of what you prepared, don’t serve it.”


For more than three decades (and counting) I’ve eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this family-owned and -operated dining landmark located at 697 N. Victory Blvd. in Burbank. It’s the ultimate full-service family restaurant with everything from a kiddies menu to a cocktail bar. There’s literally something for everybody on the diverse menu.

A hot breakfast is available anytime with thick slices of French toast and perfect pancakes, ham, crispy bacon, tender grilled steak, and eggs prepared any style known to man and served with hash browns or golden fries and fresh-baked breads plus mugs of hearty, steaming hot coffee.

Thru all the years I’ve never departed Lancer’s hungry, disappointed, or wanting more for the money. Portions at the meticulous and comfortable restaurant are — to put it mildly — generous. Steaks and sandwiches are thick at slim prices.

Check out these daily meal deals offered in addition to the regular menu:

There’s crisp and tasty ½ Broasted Chicken, $7.99 after 3 p.m. on Monday.

Two for Tuesday is a pair of dinners for $15.99 with a choice of tender BBQ Beef Ribs, Liver and Onions, Meat Loaf, or grilled Red Snapper.

My favorite Wednesday dinner special is the choice grilled Rib Eye Steak, $9.99, but there’s also Lasagna, Spaghetti & Meatballs, or Chicken Parmigiana.

Thursday’s choice entrée is a tender, broiled Top Sirloin Steak, $9.99.

The TGIF special is a thick, juicy cut of Prime Rib of Beef, slow cooked from rare to medium and priced way less than the competition at just $11.99.

Saturday is Lancers’ official Steak Night with a New York at $10.99 or a 12 oz. T-Bone Steak at $11.99. Succulent Baked Chicken every Sunday, $7.99, is a family Lancers tradition.

All these budget-priced dinners include a crisp green salad and a hot and hearty home-style soup (I favor the lentil or chunky chicken and rice), choice of potato (except with pasta dishes), a veggie, and freshly baked bread. They even include a light dessert of Jell-O or a big scoop of ice cream — but the fresh-baked fruit and crème pies are irresistible extras.

Why settle for a greasy fast food bite when Lancers offers a wholesome weekday bargain express lunch served 11 ‘til 3 or a fulfilling choice from the endless list of sandwich treats?

Busy as they invariably are, staffers always smile, extend a greeting, and provide extra service touches. Seven days and nites they more than live up to the house motto.

If your notion of a good meal starts with a smart cocktail or a cold brew, Lancers has a full bar as well as convivial lounge dining. Another plus is the spacious self-parking. For more menu details or to place take-out orders, dial (818) 843-3433.

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