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Generally, every year I have to come to the Academy’s rescue shortly after the Academy Awards, so out of touch have they been. However, this year, except for a couple of incidents, they got it pretty much right. The two exceptions are not nominating Ben Affleck for best director for Argo, an incomprehensible decision, and placing Christoph Waltz in the supporting actor category, instead of best actor. Waltz was the main mover in Django Unchained, and should have been in the best actor category.

While I’m at it, I will say that this year’s Academy Awards telecast was the best in many years. Seth McFarlane was superb and the skits were right on. It was a wonderful show. I thought the song and production number, “We Saw Your Boobs,” funny and on target. The show moved with fine pace, the women were beautiful and interestingly attired, and the awards, for the most part, appropriate.

That said, here are my nominations and awards for 2012. These are not meant as predictions, because I write this article after the Oscars have been awarded. These are just the way I would have nominated and chosen (since they are my nominations, I’m not limited to five; I don’t have to have at least five; and I’m not bound by the Academy’s characterizations, so Christoph Waltz is properly placed in the Best Actor category). My winner is indicated by an asterisk (sorry about Best Actress; I just couldn’t choose between the two):

Best Original Screenplay

Zoe Kazan, Ruby Sparks
Nicholas Jarecki, Arbitrage
Rashida Jones, Celeste and
Jesse Forever
*Quentin Tarantino,
Django Unchained
Jay Reiss and Ian Helfer,
The Oranges
Josh Radnor, Liberal Arts
Jill & Karen Sprecher, Thin Ice

Best Adapted Screenplay

Chris Terrio, Argo
David Magee, Life of Pi
David O Russell,
Silver Linings Playbook
Skip Hollandsworth & Richard Linklater, Bernie
*Richard Nelson,
Hyde Park on the Hudson
Nick Cave, Lawless

Best Supporting Actor

Alan Arkin, Stand Up Guys
Antonio Banderas, Ruby Sparks
Rhys Ifans,
The Amazing Spiderman
Samuel West,
Hyde Park on the Hudson
Leonardo DiCaprio,
Django Unchained
Samuel L Jackson,
Django Unchained
*Guy Pearce, Lawless
Best Supporting Actress

Jacki Weaver,
Silver Linings Playbook
*Helen Mirren, Hitchcock
Juno Temple, Killer Joe
Mia Wasikowska, Lawless
Alia Shawkat, The Oranges
Elizabeth Olsen, Liberal Arts

Best Actor

*Christoph Waltz,
Django Unchained
Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook
Greg Kinnear, Thin Ice
Bill Murray,
Hyde Park on the Hudson
Hugh Laurie, The Oranges

Best Actress

*Jennifer Lawrence,
Silver Linings Playbook
*Naomi Watts, The Impossible
Marion Cotillard, Rust and Bone
Shirley Maclaine, Bernie
Meryl Streep, Hope Springs
Charlize Theron,
Snow White and the Huntsman
Emma Stone,
The Amazing Spiderman

Best Director

Ang Lee, Life of Pi
David O. Russell,
Silver Linings Playbook
*Ben Affleck, Argo
Jill Sprecher, Thin Ice
Quentin Tarantino,
Django Unchained
Richard Linklater, Bernie

Best Movie

Django Unchained
Silver Linings Playbook
Life of Pi
The Impossible
Hyde Park on the Hudson
Salmon Fishing on the Yemen
Thin Ice
Moonrise Kingdom

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