Trine Christensen is constantly evolving

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Actress appears in ‘Godless’ on Netflix, AMC’s ‘Preacher’ and new NBC series ‘The Brave’

Trine (pronounced Trina) Christensen has been observing some important changes in Hollywood lately. While there still is much room for improvement, she has seen a lot more casting diversity across the board, as well as major opportunities for women both in front of and behind the scenes.

And, in the wake of the “inappropriate behavior” scandals, she loves that women are sticking together. There is solidarity in numbers, she notes. She is excited to be attached to well respected shows such as Godless on Netflix, AMC’s Preacher and the new NBC series The Brave.

Trine didn’t always want to be an actress. Born in the tiny town of Thisted, Denmark, her family moved to an even tinier fishing village, Hanstholm, when she was 9-years-old. Her love of the sciences, particularly psychology and biology, pointed her in those directions.

At 16, she was sent to New Mexico as an exchange student and fell in love with the area. So, at 19, she decided to settle there. She credits a persistent friend for introducing her to the “biz.” Under protest, Trine accompanied her to do some extra work, and she was hooked. She loved all aspects of filming, and wanted to be a part of it. Soon, she was working as a stand-in, and eventually got into stunt work. That catapulted her into the sights of directors, who began to cast her in their shows.

She believes that doing the background work, as well as taking acting classes, gave her the training she needed to understand the technical side of acting and filmmaking. Doing stunts got her noticed, and gave her the confidence to try new things. Recently, on The Brave, she was delighted to learn that she would be working with Mikael Salomon, one of Denmark’s finest directors and an award-winning cinematographer. Soon they were exchanging favorite Danish recipes.

Trine still lives in New Mexico with her two beautiful daughters, Elisabeth, 15, and Annelise, 6, and several rescue animals including the latest: a 12-year-old pit bull whose owner had passed away unexpectedly.

Currently working on several projects with some female friends, she is striving to conquer some varied branches of filmmaking, including screenwriting.

Way to go, Trine!


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