Voices Thru Time and Eternity


Voices Thru Time and Eternity

Conductor Terry Danne.

The majesty and redemptive power of music was performed at California State University Northridge by the San Fernando Valley and Premiere Chamber Chorale on Saturday, April 14. The theme was Easter, encompassing the spring season, one of rebirth and renewal. The musical selections varied from Bach to Debussy. The chorus sang the multiple languages seamlessly.

Any agnostic would enjoy the theme presented as the music represented the grace of love, how forgiveness leads to redemption. The musicians were all in top form. Kudos to cellist Cathy Biagini and pianist Dr. Frank Garvey. Once again, conductor Terry Danne extrapolates the absolute best from all involved. Each note is distinguished and precise. Each voice carries recognized beauty.

The program featured three parts. The performance for the first two acts were classic selections of aforementioned as well as Mozart. The third act was composed by Mary E. Caldwell. It was the story of Christ, using the metaphor of the seasons of his birth, ministry, death and resurrection.

This performance was truly memorable.

LA Pierce College Philharmonic Choir @ California State University Northridge Saturday, April 14, 2012.


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