What’s the best way into Hollywood? Bollywood!


By Gail E. Moss

Bette Davis may have taken Fountain Avenue into Hollywood but the handsome young actor Armaan Khera came by way of Bollywood, making his name there as Vidhaan in the telenovela Everest produced by award-winning director Ashutosh Gowariker.

Handsome actor/musician Armaan Khera 

Khera wanted to act since childhood, saying, “My family would have preferred more of a financially consistent career.” But they supported him when he “ran away from college” to pursue his dream. Kind of like Brad Pitt did, and you’ve heard of him, right?

Well things worked out for Khera too, landing his first TV role shortly thereafter. A few projects later his parents even helped finance his trip to the states. Arriving in Los Angeles over a year ago he honed his skills at Michelle Danner’s Acting Studio.

Khera has lived all over the world – Mumbai, the U.S., New Zealand – but speaks with a perfect all-American accent showing his versatility and worldly savvy not only for dialects but music as well. While studying for a business diploma in Wellington, Khera wrote and recorded the music for On My Way, his online album, and progressed to shoot the video for “Right Time” in Los Angeles.

When asked where his favorite place to live would be, he said Cypress. “It’s just beaches and restaurants.” Khera also loves cooking Indian food. “The process of preparing it is an art.”

As we spoke he was set to travel again the next day, but not before completing a one night shoot for his short film dealing with street kids and religious differences. “Friends from all religions end up pointing guns at each other,” says Khera of the film’s premise. A lot of his works deal with philanthropy, including Soch, a short about underprivileged children around the world and Home regarding the world’s homeless.

Watch for Khera’s work at the Cinema at the Edge film festival at the Edgemar Center for the Arts. Visit CinemaAtTheEdge.com for information.

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