You Are Bigger Than Anything That Can Happen to You!


By Toni Attell

Toni Attell.

Toni Attell.

The Hollywood Story goes back for years and yes, even decades. Stories of people who came here with huge dreams and who were talented, some more, than others.

Now, today, every small town and city in the world has sent out the best of the best of talents, to this small city called “Hollywood.” It is overwhelming, because it is the best writers, actors, directors, producers, stunt people, etc. Everyone is really good. So needless to say, the competition is great.

Most of the power of Hollywood is on the side of producing, directing, and casting. Now, all these people are good people. They do all they can to help the “new kid” in town. However, there are some people here who just want to have control. Period. These people make all the rest of the talent feel like they (the talent) are NOT ENOUGH. “You are too fat, too skinny, bad pictures, too talented for this role, not ethnic enough, wrong age.” You get the idea; the list is endless. So you have to remember: That You Are More Than Enough! It is just the nature of the business that makes us all feel … we are not enough.

So, if you are going to play football, then get your gear on and get in the arena and play. Go to events and meet people, and I don’t mean bars. Parties, museums, events were like-minded people will meet. Speak kindly to casting director’s assistants — they are the casting directors of tomorrow. Be courteous to everyone, and build up your own morale with good friends, professional relationships, family, and managers/agents.

Once as a young girl, I had the opportunity to meet the great Groucho Marx, of the Marx Brothers, who said to me, “My brothers and I spent 14 or so years in vaudeville, and Hollywood ate up all of our stuff (physical comedy) in one year!”

Take baby steps and do it slowly, learning all you can about the craft of filmmaking, and you will surprise yourself at what you can accomplish.

Toni Attell has just co-written a book with Carl Gottlieb that is out from Limelight Publishers, called, “The Little Blue Book for Filmmakers – A Primer for Directors, Writers, Actors, and Producers.” You can buy it at She holds acting classes in the Valley. Give her a call at (818) 787-8685.

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