O!burger, a Fast Food Organic Burger Haunt


He says that Johnny Carson was a meat and potatoes guy.

He should know. Once upon a time, Chef Andy Soboil, owner of an innovative burger joint in West Hollywood, was the late great talk show host’s personal chef. Now, he caters to the masses, but in a healthy way.

Soboil owns O!burger, a fast-food restaurant that is totally organic. When I was invited to lunch with a friend, I didn’t know what to expect. We are both foodies and particular about the way our food is cooked.

O!Burger is a one-of-a-kind fast food restaurant on Santa Monica Boulevard, kind of a hole-in-the wall with tables inside and out. If you’re looking for atmosphere, move on. However, it’s the best burger this side of the Mississippi, and everything is organic including the buns, sauces, vegetables, mustard, fries and salad dressing! It aims to revolutionize L..A.’s fast food marketplace by offering a quick, tasty and healthy alternative for busy Angelenos.

Patrons include Chris Noth, Laura Dern, Orlando Bloom, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Jason Ritter, P. Diddy (or whatever name he is going by these days), Armie Hammer, Jackson Browne, Richard Chamberlain, Linda Hunt, and Alicia Silverstone. Recent Forbes cover girl, Bethenny Frankel, a healthy food pioneer, is a regular. Steven Tyler has done takeout.

On our beautiful summer day’s lunch, we each ordered a Super Bowl, consisting of two beef patties (also available are turkey and veggie burgers) with grilled veggies. Yes, we were bad and had fries on the side. We also tasted some of the sweets. I am still dreaming about that organic brownie!

Owner Andy Soboil not only came by and said hello, he joined us to chat. Topics covered: healthy ingredients/healthy lifestyle, his South African roots, his 10 year stint in Brazil as an English teacher and other chefs including Anthony Bourdain (he’s a dead ringer) and Giada Di Laurentiis. He spoke about his stints as an executive chef on private yachts, as well as working as a personal chef to VIPs including Barbra Streisand, Nicolas Cage, Norman Lear, Irving Azoff and Princess Diana.

The restaurant is L.A.’s first fast food burger house using only certified organic ingredients. O!burger offers grass fed beef, free range turkey, hot dogs, salads, French fries and shakes. Their veggie burgers are made from their own recipe based on spinach and corn. Andy’s partner is former Disney producer, Martha Chang. For more information, visit www.Oburger.net.

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