RNSH Beauty & Couture Oscar Suite

Melanie Griffith and Ellen Loughlin (Tan This LA) at RNSH Beauty & Couture Oscar Suite.

Melanie Griffith and Ellen Loughlin (Tan This LA) at RNSH Beauty & Couture Oscar Suite.

It was a family affair for Roger and Lynn Neal at their annual Oscar beauty and couture suite at the Luxe Rodeo Hotel. If you’re not related to them, they make you feel like you are a part of the family!

Lou Ferrigno and his wife Carla were in the tiny elevator leading to the rooftop, where the event was held. She and I talked shoes because she was wearing a pair of kitten heels by an Italian designer from years past. She said this was her first wear because she finally figured out how to pair them!

As I arrived at the suite, I ran into purse designer Timmy Woods, who custom made a glitzy purse for Twelve Years a Slave winner and fusionist Lupita Nyong’o.

A unique item was Persole, a chic umbrella/parasol originally made to block UVA rays from Suzie Carter’s son’s baseball games. But the umbrella got lots of use from Oscar rain and was chic even when folded with a Swarovski crystal bracelet cinching it together. But the pièce de résistance was the lining, each individually designed. Brooke Anderson and Nancy O’Dell accessorized with the umbrellas on the Oscar Red Carpet.

Barry Richards, Montreal designer with Gris Gris Factory Bracelet created a pendant for male nominees to wear in the memory of Paul Walker’s charity ROWW. He paired his talents with his studies of gemology with psychology of religion. Marilu Henner was gifted with her favorite sterling silver piece.

Long Mi Lashes/Daniel Dinh was doing individual eyelashes on Sheryl Lee Ralph. Tan This LA, a mobile spray company gave individual spray tans including Nancy Cartwright. CEO Ellen Loughlin knows the biz as she was an assistant to Farrah Fawcett before her death.

Also outdoors: Shelby Hill gave manis to guests in the best outdoor location to see everyone arrive. Behind closed curtains in the same area of the patio was Cheyenne’s Mobile Massage Beverly Hills. She fought the elements in style – strong sun, partial rain, and gusty wind.

Chocolatier Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets designed a chocolate Sandra Bullock, honoring her role in Oscar-nominated Gravity.

Celebs had their choices of SISA Fashion Design (Simone Rodrigues, designer). Addy van den Krommenacker Gowns (from Netherlands), Marshmallow Couture Gowns by Dori Megaro, Poshak by Joyita Ghose (wearable art), and Shirts by RockScar Designs by Amy Tippin.

So this is what Melanie Griffith has been up to lately! She gifted her Radical Skincare line. We’ll always remember her line in Working Girl: “I have a bod for sin and a head for business!” She picked up a few things at the suite for a post Oscars’ cruise.

Author Nadia Khalil Bradley showcased her second book Origins of Truth. Her beautiful accessory: one of her daughters (she has six kids.)

Also in the house: Lilyfield Cakes, Charter Last Minute Jet Service, and Mary’s Cake Shop hobnobbed with guests.

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