What Advice Would You Give Young People to Succeed in Life?



“Someone else told me this a long time ago: ‘For things to get better, you have to get better. If you’re out of work, work on yourself’. Set a goal for yourself and never give up.”

~ ERIC BLOOM, Musician: Blue Oyster Cult

“We all grow up so fast after high school & we look back and say, ‘Why didn’t I do that?’ Ask questions and learn from our parents, teachers, clergy & older people, who may have great advice for us. Be a sponge to knowledge, try various things that make you happy, learn how to sing, play an instrument, how to write, how to market and sell, and how to be happy in your own skin. Focus in on what makes you happy and go for it. Rome was not built in a day, so you need to expect for things to take time yet if you put your mind & heart into it, things will materialize. Spend at least two hours a day on your goals, it will come together. And most of all, make sure you stay clear of negative people and those who are only out for themselves. Think positive, and surely your dreams will become reality. You can do anything you put your mind to, and as we only get one shot at this life as we know it, why not make it the best possible. Respect & love others, and you will surely get the same in return if you are aware & intuitive enough of who truly cares about you. Go Get Em!”

~ JEFF OLAN, Casting Director

“At an early age in my career I had a desire to be a rock/pop star. I followed that dream even though others decided I was wrong. I will never know if I was right or not but it is a little too late now! From what I have been told, I have influenced many people right or wrong so what can I say? All I can advise is stay focused and believe in yourself and your dream.”

~ STEVE PRIEST, Musician: Sweet

“Give yourself a chance to both fail and succeed. Set a goal. Take a baby step toward that goal. Bathe in the warmth of your victory…then, take a larger step toward the goal. Feel what it is to succeed. Feel what it is to fail. You might not reach your goal immediately….but, the success is in, at least, trying! If you don’t reach your goal right away…you haven’t failed. Your passionate effort is your success. Failure is only in not trying!”

~ FRITZ COLEMAN, NBC4 Weathercaster

“In order for anyone to succeed they must know what they want to do. Whether they go to college or one of those trade colleges where they learn x-ray, medical assisting, etc. they need to focus on whatever they pick and just go for it. Maybe more school to embrace new methods. Just keep pushing and go for it every day to move yourself upward. Treat people well, be well-like and always do your best. It’s all up to you…And NEVER give up. Keep pushing and focus on what you’re trying to do!!”

~ Carmine Appice, Musician: Vanilla Fudge/Rod Stewart/Ozzy

“Do not get sucked into the plethora of information out there unconsciously. You can go on the internet and one camp says, “Dark chocolate is the best thing you’ve ever eaten”, yet another says, “Don’t eat dark chocolate; it’ll kill you”… A young person today and all of us have to be very discerning: Does this go along with my personal belief system? And if I don’t know what my belief system is then I better frigging figure it out! You’ve got to know who you are, what you think and how the world actually works. What you focus on is what you create in your life, but you have to start out knowing what you want. Limit your kids and yourself less; the world is full of all possibilities. I’ve done it with health, money, my career – everything!”

~ Dee Wallace, Actress: “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”, “Cujo”

“I try to live by two quotes. One is, ‘Everything in moderation, including moderation.’ The other is, ‘Every day’s a good day, and some days are great.’ Keeping those things in mind have gotten me through a pretty good life so far.”

~ Joe Mantegna, Actor: Criminal Minds (on CBS)

“Find your passion. Find the best trainers you can find to develop your taste, your mind, your soul and your instincts. Don’t be afraid of hard work because the road to success is a road and it is paved with your interest in your work. Stay open and stay curious and ask lots of questions. If you haven’t found your passion yet, then explore food, music, architecture, medicine, law, painting, service to others and see what thrills you. If you find out, as Elia Kazan the great director found out – that you cannot be great at what you love to do and you want to be great, then do something around it, for it, or help others in that area. I have found that not finding your passion is what drowns individuals and makes them despair. If you are on fire to do something that will benefit others then you will stay on fire forever.”

~ Gloria Gifford, Actress: “California Suite”, “Halloween II”; Mentor: Gloria Gifford Conservatory

“My advice to all those who aspire to succeed is to live a Balanced Life. It’s a must that the fundamentals in your life such as Spirituality, Family, Career, Health, Finances, Dreams and Passions are all in harmony and none of them overwhelm the others.”

~ Rudy Sarzo, Musician: Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio

“It seems that times have gotten a little harder in the past decade, and our youth is feeling the pain. The only way to succeed is to keep pushing the envelope and never stop believing. Quitting is an easy solution, but you will slip into a dark hole, and will find out later that it is impossible to climb out of. You must push yourself even harder today and stay positive, because there will be many bumps in the road to success, and once you figure out what you want to do with your life, go after it. Always remember that no one will knock on your door, and you must be persistent in smashing down all the barricades that stand in your way. Just do it!”

~ Richie Ramone, Musician: The Ramones


“It sounds pretty dull but my best advice to youth is persistence and patience. The tortoise and hare parable will always apply!”

~ Ed Asner, 7 time Emmy-winning Acting Legend

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