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From l, Bari Willerford and Craig Sabin, creators of “5 Minute Horror.”

Real life … and all its horrific stories, predicaments, and latest news breaks are often too much to bear, and enough to drive us to escape to another realm or dimension. Perhaps that’s why the great intrigue and obsession with the horror genre exists, and explains the sudden success of AMC’s Walking Dead, NBC’s Grimm, and FX’s American Horror Story, not to mention the huge Saw and Halloween franchises. Two genius auteurs, Craig Sabin and Bari Willerford, have joined forces, sharing their life-long passion for this genre to create 5 Minute Horror. States Craig Sabin on the success of these horror shorts, “Just like classic short stories in literature … Edgar Allan Poe (The Raven); Mark Twain (A Ghost Story); W.W. Jacobs (The Monkey’s Paw); Shirley Jackson (The Lottery); and O’Henry (The Furnished Room) — a short film is the premiere platform for this kind of content.”

Bari is an old school horror fan, admiring and gleaning from the masters of macabre imagination and inspiration — from Hitchcock to Silence of the Lambs … John Carpenter’s The Thing to Alien and Exorcist.

“I have a very sick sense of humor, and you can run with that, in horror films.” This dynamic duo is now preparing to take their show on the road, to the Pollygrind Festival in Las Vegas, known to be the “key festival for indie cult filmmakers to land distribution deals.” Zombiepalooza brings five shorts and two features on Oct. 13, with the winning films replaying Oct. 29–30. 5 Minute Horror — Zombie Radio Show will be presented at this event. Zombies have become the new vampires, and are all the rage presently. Sabin explains, “There’s a strong survival instinct among people — whether biblical apocalypse, nuclear war, or economic crisis. Zombie themed entertainment allows the id to go roaming — the sweeter you are, the more vicious and violent you wail out on the zombie … the funnier it is.” When Twilight took the “blood and teeth” out of the vampire craze and kitsched it up, people realized that zombies are the true monsters, hence the success and popularity of Zombie Radio Show.

The Web site 5minutehorror.com was created a few years ago, with original content: an eclectic mix of comedic, dramatic, spooky, fantasy, creepy, supernatural, and sexy material. Catering to today’s theatergoer and internet viewer’s short attention span, the films highlight the good stuff – “a spectrum of horror” — captivating and drawing in a loyal fan base.

The Pollygrind Festival takes place Oct. 8-17 at Theatre 7 in Las Vegas. For more information, visit pollygrind.com. For information on Priscilla’s Halloween Poetry Event, visit www.priscillascoffee.com or call (818) 843-5707.

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