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Breaking records means nothing without the love of family.

Greg Kappy’s documentary Shooting for Home knocks out the competition with its touching story of gifted but troubled basketball player Kevin Bradshaw overcoming his demons and scoring big. Well made, informative, and emotional, the documentary’s excellent storytelling and editing provide an intelligent look at an almost forgotten basketball talent.

Chased by demons and insecurity, one-man scoring machine Kevin Bradshaw successfully played basketball in high school and college while struggling at the game of life. Shooting for Home finds him making peace with his troubled past.

While in high school, Bradshaw focused his energies on the game, with it becoming his therapy and salvation. Bradshaw almost threw away opportunities, beset with anger, drug, alcohol, and women issues. After setting the all time scoring record for an individual game in college, Bradshaw failed to get drafted by a NBA team. His fighting spirit kept him alive, giving him another opportunity in Israel.

It was here that Bradshaw slowly began realizing how blessed he was. After experiencing a terrorist bombing, Bradshaw put his problems in perspective, taking responsibility for his actions, growing in maturity, and falling in love with an Israeli woman. Finally at peace, Bradshaw felt free to return home again.

Greg Kappy’s documentary scores on multiple levels: great cutting, nice pacing, and fine insights add up to excellent entertainment. Kappy’s understated approach makes the emotion more palpable, and gives a nice arc to proceedings. You find yourself rooting for Bradshaw in this fine film.

Shooting for Home plays at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 10, at the El Portal Theatre located at 5269 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood, as part of the Alls Sports Los Angeles Film Festival.

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