‘The Property Brothers’—TV’s Scott brothers on new projects, brotherly love and ‘twinsanity’

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By Kellie Freeze

The two hottest faces in TV home improvement look nearly identical. Twins Drew and Jonathan Scott, a real estate agent and contractor, respectively, share their tips and talents on a variety of HGTV series including Brother vs. Brother and the Property Brothers franchise. We caught up with the Scott brothers (their playful older brother J.D. also joins them in some of their adventures) in between shooting scenes for three series, to get to know renovation television’s brightest — and most charming — stars.

On your show Brother vs. Brother, you two love to compete against each other. Are you two competitive in all aspects of your lives?

Jonathan: Drew’s the most competitive man I’ve ever met in my life. He has to win at getting to the car first. I mean everything! I think it’s how we accomplish all the things that we do and the success that we’ve seen. Whether it’s with Scott Living, our home furniture and décor line, whether it’s with the TV shows — we produce a lot of shows that we’re not in — we’re always trying to come up with better ideas and better ways of doing things. It’s fun. It’s something we’ve been doing our whole life.

Have you ever done a twin switcheroo?

Drew: Oh, yeah, we have! On Property Brothers, we had twins that we were working with, Sandy and Susy, they were amazing. They were so much fun to work with. During renovation, they kept switching on Jonathan and they looked so much alike you couldn’t tell. So they were constantly fooling him, so one day I swapped with Jonathan, and I came in wearing all the construction gear. They had no idea. I started plunking out all these things I was gonna change in the design, and they’re going along with it at first, thinking it was a good idea. They didn’t want to argue with a contractor and designer. Then they realized that everything I was saying was a little over the top. Then finally like, “Wait a minute!” And Jonathan came walking in.

Have you guys ever had one of those freaky twin-sense moments?

Jonathan: When we were in college, Drew was living in a completely different province in Canada. I woke up one morning, my knee was killing me. I thought maybe I slept funny on it. That afternoon, I was talking to my mom and she was like, “Oh, that’s weird because this morning your brother tore his knee and had to go into the hospital.” So we’ve had some weird coincidences that you can only chalk up to paranormal twin activity.

What’s something that one of you is good at that the other one is terrible at?

Jonathan: I’m a magician, so I’ve been performing magic most of my life and I would say that’s probably mine. Drew: I would say for me, if you think of parkour or American Ninja Warrior, that’s something I’m pretty good at, but Jonathan’s not as agile.

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