‘May I Present Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Windsor’


Kenny Kingston

Dear Sweet Spirit Readers:

It seemed that every time I’d planned to go to the Director’s Guild to attend a screening of The King’s Speech I was unable to attend. I just kept visualizing being able to see it and thankfully, the studio just sent me a DVD of it.

I can now happily predict that it is definitely strong Academy Award material.

I was the psychic for such a long time to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and it was most interesting to review their lives in the film.

I met the Duke and Duchess most unexpectedly when I was in the Army Special Services, on the Lido de Venezia.

Part of my assignment was to keep checking the beach and the cabanas that were used by our servicemen who were on leave.

One day, while I was walking the beach, I ran into a rather stout lady and told her something while we were chatting. “Oh my goodness,” she said, “you’re a fortuneteller!”

The world had yet to fully realize psychic abilities and instead referred to them as fortunetelling. I told her I was a psychic and she said, “It’s so true what you told me. I wonder if you would be free sometime tomorrow to meet me across the street from here at the villa where I’m staying with a couple. The lady loves fortunetellers. We could have tea or a drink.”

I laughed and said, “No drinks ‘til after the psychic reading. We can’t have spirits in our tummies and floating about.”

She said she understood and was so happy that I had brought her mother to her in spirit. “Can we meet, then, tomorrow about three in the afternoon, right there across the street?”

I agreed and she said, “Wonderful. Oh, by the way, my name is Elsa Maxwell.”

I should tell you, dear readers, in case you are not aware, that Elsa Maxwell was one of the most famous party givers in the world.

We became good friends and Elsa told me that it was her technique to become good friends with wealthy people and then “sell” them, in a sense, to other wealthy people for their attendance at parties. It was more like an appearance fee, and she of course took a percentage of it.

For the couple I met on the Lido, her fee for their attendance at a party was usually $25,000, when she could get it, and at least into the thousands when she needed to accept a bit less.

Elsa had a string of celebrities – movie stars, and others, who were her friends.

The next afternoon I rang the doorbell of the villa. A houseboy came to the door and after I announced myself, he said, “Oh yes, Miss Maxwell is waiting for you.” I was led into the library where Elsa was waiting and she said, “How delightful to see you again. The lady I’d like you to meet will be here momentarily.”

We sipped our tea and shortly she said, “Ah, here she is now. May I present Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Windsor.”

My mouth fell open. I must mention that I’d had a strong affection for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor since I was six years old. I recall being on the living room floor at home with the newspaper spread open to a story and photo that proclaimed, “The King of England Abdicates the Throne for the Woman he Loved.”

Right then I was fascinated, and determined that one day, somehow, I’d meet them.

The Duchess smiled warmly and extended her hand. The three of us sat sipping our tea and I began giving the Duchess a reading. Then the houseboy came in and said, “I’m sorry, Your Royal Highness, but it’s that man again on the telephone.”

She excused herself and said, “I’ll be right with you, I’m so sorry.”

From the next room, I could hear her say into the telephone, “Yes. How dare you call me three times? I owe you nothing. I’m wearing your clothes and that’s the best advertisement you could get. I am the Duchess of Windsor!”

(I later learned that the call was from a well-known clothing designer).

She returned and said, “I’m sorry. I hope there is a next time for us to get together and I won’t disturb the spirits.”

The door to another room opened and a man entered. I recognized him as the Duke of Windsor, and stood. She said, “Oh, Darling!” and kissed him on each cheek. She turned to me and then back to her husband and said, “Darling, may I introduce you to my new favorite fortuneteller!”

I bowed, he smiled and bowed slightly and said, “I’m so happy that you’ve made my Duchess so pleased. Please feel free to come often.” He then went back into the room where he’d been.

After tea and the reading, Elsa, the Duchess and I said our “goodbyes” and as Elsa walked me to the door, she said, “You can always contact us at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. If we aren’t there, they will know how to reach us. Now, please – could you give me a petite reading?”

This was one of many get-togethers. I read the Duke and Duchess at the Waldorf and when they came to California, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Duke was less interested in the spirit world – he more or less “tolerated” me for the sake of the Duchess because he knew she was fascinated.

They were an enormously happy couple even though they’d been stripped of their individual titles because of their marriage. He gave up the title of King and became, instead, His Royal Highness, the Duke of Windsor. And Wallis was banned from a royal title at all and was simply the Duchess of Windsor. Yet in private, in their home environment, and in mail correspondence, he insisted on her being addressed as Her Royal Highness.

It’s always intrigued me that in her own way, Princess Diana encountered the same type of banishment when she and Prince Charles were divorced. She lost her royal title and was, instead of Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales, simply the Princess of Wales.

It is for this reason that, when Diana passed, the Duchess of Windsor greeted her and took her under her wing in the spirit world. They shared the kinship that came from the harsh treatment of the Royal Family.

Going back to The King’s Speech, I predict that it will run away with Oscar nominations and will earn many wins at the Oscar ceremony.

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