“Babes & Brides”

(L to R): Asa Holley as Benny & Evan Olman as Alan in “The Line That’s Picked Up 1000 Babes.”

(L to R): Asa Holley as Benny & Evan Olman as Alan in “The Line That’s Picked Up 1000 Babes.”

Love and lust triumph in this engaging production at NoHo Actors’ Studio. “Babes &Brides” is composed of two one-act plays: “The Line That’s Picked Up 1000 Babes and How It Can Work for You” and “The Midnight Moonlight Wedding Chapel” by Eric Berlin. Each act commands versatility from the performers who are able to render a comic pathos as well as portray the wisdom that comes only from a broken heart.
“The Line That’s Picked Up 1000 Babes” is fueled by our own or past anxieties about finding that certain special person who makes the difference in our lives. However, it is rarely found in the bar scene. The characters emit the fear and folly of meeting someone for the first time. Albeit dated, it still is a strong reminder of how some things remain the same.
“The Midnight Moonlight Wedding Chapel” is much stronger material; thusly, the performances truly shine and allow the actor’s talents to blossom. Rather than divulging plot, these thespians deserve attention:  Julie Mann has great comic timing and charisma, Jennifer Flynn conveys the right amount of innocence and naivety that is impressive, and Dave Shalansky is a natural on stage.
Director Marc Morales recognized the wealth of the material and his focused approach brought an up-beat and snappy tempo to the forte-perfect for comedy. “Babes & Brides” brings to the audience a sweet blend of romance and laughs. It is delightful production. Recommended.

“Babes & Brides” plays through August 29 at the NoHo Actors’ Studio (5215 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601). For more information, call (303) 929-3683, or visit www.theatremania.com


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