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Puppy trainer Lisa Hyams having a reunion visit with Adam and the dog she raised for him, Escort.

Puppy trainer Lisa Hyams having a reunion visit with Adam and the dog she raised for him, Escort.

Walk With Me!

This is personal. You see, I want to talk about blindness. I am walking in support of some people who are very dear to me. My stepson Adam and my best friend Carolyn are both affected by a blinding eye disease. When I first met Adam, ten years ago, he had a busy career, was driving and thriving. He needed dark glasses then because the light was painful due to RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa). The RP progression slowly dimmed until the lights went out. Adam chose to learn how to be independent, and now has Escort as his much loved companion and guide dog. He can’t work, can’t drive and can’t see but he can strive to help prevent this cruel condition from affecting future generations. The near future! Adam, and his terrific wife Sheri, will be at VisionWalk.
Carolyn See, my best friend since we were in Jr. High School, is a respected writer, and she is a literary critic for the Washington Post. Reading is important. She has been fighting Macular Degeneration for years—the hard way (ask her when you see her at VisionWalk). When I last spoke with her, she had just returned from getting a fierce shot in her eyeballs. It’s getting harder and murkier for Carolyn to see. She gave up her car, moved to an area where she can walk to shop and live her life. If this disease can be dealt with, why not help?

How You Can Help

LA VisionWalk team leaders of Tia’s Trekkers, Adam and Sheri Lawrence with Escort… front and center!

LA VisionWalk team leaders of Tia’s Trekkers, Adam and Sheri Lawrence with Escort… front and center!

Your support and walking side by side with us on VisionWalk Day will bring us closer to a cure, and that cure is in sight! Adam is leading a team (my team) called Tia’s Trekkers.
This is a family-friendly event with various activities for children of all ages such as face painting, a bounce house and much more! They also have plenty of snacks and refreshments.
Get your free VisionWalk T-shirt if you can raise $100 or more, so ask friends to help and walk with you! The walk route will be marked along beach shoreline. Rain or shine!
VisionWalk is a completely free event! No required pledge per mile or entrance fee. If you are feeling the pinch, come and lend your spirit and learn how to prevent blindness of you and yours. It’s a walk at the beach! If you cannot walk with me but you would still like to help, Google “VisionWalk LA.” Find the team “Tia’s Trekkers” and support Adam’s team! If you wish to send a check, send it to me in care of the Tolucan Times, made out to “Foundation Fighting Blindness.” As they say in Mayberry, “I appreciate it.”
VisionWalk is the national signature fundraising event of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Since its inception in the spring of 2006, the program has raised over $9 million to fund sight-saving research. As promising treatments move into critical human studies, the need for research funding is greater than ever before. Google “Foundation Fighting Blindness” and learn about the tremendously hopeful work they do! See you there!

The VisionWalk will be held at Will Rogers State Beach (17700 Pacific Coast Highway) at 8am (walk @ 9am) on October 25. Parking lot entrance at Temescal Canyon Road and PCH. Check in at the registration area.

A Magical Show

Neil Patrick Harris will guest host an amazing line-up for this year’s greatly anticipated annual production of It’s Magic, which will highlight a week-long celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Magic Castle.
Sunday, November 8 at 7pm is when you can attend this one night only extravaganza at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. For a magical look at the details, go to www.itsmagic.org.
I love magic and magicians; such delicate and daring entertainers. (I’m enthralled by my memories of being an “assistant” on The Magic Land of Allakazam with Mark Wilson and the Enchanting Nani Darnell.) We’re talking a star studded show—something to see (if we’re lucky). We’ll talk…

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